Besties Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day 🌍 is coming up this weekend, and all of us at FriendshipCollar are so excited because not only do we get to celebrate our pawsome planet, but this is a holiday tailor made for furry besties to help out with and join in on the fun, with a purpose. Just think how cool it is that we have green spaces for dog parks 🌳, clear creeks 💧for puppy splashes, and fresh air 🌬 for all those bestie noses to twitch and sniff at. This Earth Day, why not give back with your bestie by your side?

Plant a Tree

Doggies have a natural green paw

Some besties are already natural diggers, have any of your come home to find your garden has a few extra special holes in it? With a mucky pup acting all innocent as though they really were not to blame? Why not team up that energy and skill with you getting a nice you sapling 🌱 in the ground? Spend an afternoon outdoors together doing what doggies do best – getting down and dirty. 

Take a Walk in the Fresh Air

Nothing makes us happier than besties helping besties – and the planet!

You don’t have to even plant something – just get outside and appreciate the fresh air and green ☘️ grass. Your bestie will love the fun time spent outdoors and you’ll get a chance to disconnect and bask in the sun. Let your bestie zoom around the dog park and enjoy being away from it all! Snap some pics and share with us!

Collect Recycling/Trash

Tubby – Most Bottles Recycled By A Dog Guinness World Records 2009 Photo Credit: Paul Michael Hughes/Guinness World Records

Check out Tubby, he won the ‘Most Bottles Recycled By a Dog’ in the Guinness World Records. It kind of makes us want to see what other pups have done to get featured! Want to compete with little Tubby? Step up your regular walk and turn it into a trash and recycle 🚮 collecting outing! Your besties is probably already on the hunt for sniffing out unusual things lying about on the ground, so stuff some trash bags alongside the poop bags in your pockets and start picking up trash you find along your walk. Your pup will still think it’s a fun time out – and you’re finally paying attention to the gems they sniff on out for you! 

Recycle Toys

A bear-y good cause

Has your pooches stuffed duck seen better days? Has their once-favorite bear 🐻 turned into something more of a beat up bearskin rug? Instead of just chucking those oldies in the trash, look into recycling them! You may have noticed those big yellow recycling bins in a lot of parking lots – they accept all kinds of fabrics and materials. Does your dog favor tearing up plastic toys instead? Check them out for a recyclable number and throw them in the recycling bin, rather than sending them straight to the dump. You can also keep waste down and help needy besties by donating more gently used beds and toys to animal shelters.

Whip Up Some Vegetarian Treats for You & Your Bestie

Who knew giving back could involve snacks??

Whether it’s some good old fashioned chopped up carrots or bananas, or something more involved like a vegan cookie, a healthy, plant-based treat will not only be good for your pup, but is good for the environment 🌎 as well!

Why Lend a Paw?

Because we want to protect our wild besties! Plastic bottles end up going into our oceans where they never decompose. The coral reef is dying, bottle rings get stuck around turtles’ necks, fishies try nibbling on trash that ultimately poisons them… Our sea friends deserve much much better!

Who wouldn’t wanna save this face??

And it’s not just marine life! Our land dwelling buds suffer too. Birds mistake bright bits of plastic for berries and end up gorging themselves on deadly refuse, balloon strings tangle themselves around the feet of small critters, hurting or strangling them, and plants are prevented from growing because of inhospitable conditions from trash and air pollution.

We want birdsongs of joy!!

We love our planet 🌏and we love our besties! What do you do to celebrate Earth Day? Share with us any pics you get of you and your furry friend giving back together!

Love & friendship x