Why dogs are a girl's best friend! Besties: Harvey & Abby


❤️ Tell us about your bestie!

Harvey is about 5 years old. He was named after Hurricane Harvey, because that's when I rescued him. He was abandoned on the streets during the hurricane when everyone was fleeing Houston, Texas.

❤️  How did Harvey find his way to you?

I worked at a doggy daycare throughout college, where his foster mom would bring him in daily for daycare. He would sit in the corner the entire day just shaking and crying because he was so scared. I found out he had been returned to the shelter multiple times and that he had severe separation anxiety. I wanted to help him. So after him coming in for daycare pretty much daily for a month, I decided to adopt him.

❤️ Describe his personality!

Harvey is super lazy and goofy. He sleeps probably 20 hours a day. He loves to cuddle. He also loves to chase squirrels and go on long walks! 

❤️ Can you share a funny story about your dog?

The first time we tried leaving him alone uncrated we came home to him standing on top of the counter eating a loaf of banana bread.

❤️ What does Harvey do that always makes you smile?

He smiles with his teeth when he gets happy!

❤️ What is the naughtiest thing he has ever done?

One time he jumped the 9 foot fence in our backyard and sliced his foot open on the fence.

❤️ Can you share some tips on how to take the best pictures of your dog?

Hold a treat right above the camera and he just looks at it!

❤️ What’s the most exciting adventure you have ever been on?

We go to Austin TX a lot to go hiking!

❤️ Can you share some tips for being the best dog mom?

Treat your dog with compassion, never get frustrated with them, because they don't know any better. Love your dog for who they are!

❤️ What does having FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Its awesome to match with Harvey and feel even more bonded with him.

❤️ Harvey is my best friend because...

Harvey teaches me love, kindness, and patience. He makes me so happy and motivates me to get up every morning and do my best.

Get the look!

Harvey is rocking the THE CLASSIC PUP: FOREST GREEN