Life with dogs is NEVER boring!🐶💕 Best friends: Sophie & Simon


❤️ How did you come up with your bestie's name? 

I always knew I wanted a human name for my dog, but settling on one was hard. After a few days together he just felt more like a Simon than he did like a George, a Theo, or a Henry. 

❤️ Describe Simons personality!

    Simon alternates between sleeping on the bed all day and sprinting around the dog park. He has two modes and can switch between them instantaneously. He’s a total goofball, and very go with the flow.

    ❤️ How was it when you first brought your Simon home?

      Simon was well-adjusted from day one. I got super lucky, we bonded immediately. Technically I had 48 hours to decide if I was going to foster him or move forward with adoption, but I knew right away he was staying. 

      ❤️ What does your BFF do that always makes you smile?

        Simon’s zoomies are a sight to behold. I could watch him scoot his body around in circles like a tiny maniac all day. 

        ❤️ What do you love most about his character?

          I love how much Simon loves people. I recently hosted a party and the second the guests started to arrive his whole face lit up. He loves socializing, whether it’s at the dog park or a bridal shower. 

          ❤️ Can Simon do any fun tricks?

            Nope haha! 😃

            ❤️ What is the naughtiest thing he has ever done?

              He’s shockingly well-behaved at home, but he hates huskies and will try to lunge at them on the street. I have no idea why. 

              ❤️ Does he have a weird habit?

                Whenever I go out he finds my shoes and brings them to his bed.  He doesn’t chew them, just makes a nest with his blanket and my slippers. 

                ❤️ What is the biggest challenge you have had with your dog?

                  Simon is strong. We’re working on leash skills!

                  ❤️ Does your dog love to be dressed up?

                    He probably hates it, but he doesn’t object. He knows that putting on an item of clothing is usually accompanied by copious amounts of dog treats.

                    ❤️ What makes your dog super pawesome?

                      He’s totally fearless and always tries to play with the biggest dog at the dog park.

                      ❤️ What are some of your favorite things to do with your dog?

                        We love to stroll in Riverside Park. It’s a good thing I love to walk, because Simon can keep going forever. 

                        ❤️ What are your tips to  those who wants to be a foster parent?

                          Be patient. Many of these dogs are coming out of bad situations, and they need time and space to decompress. Don’t stress if your pup is freaked out at first, you’ll be shocked at how quickly they progress day to day. 

                          ❤️ Do you have any advice for other dog owners or future dog owners? 

                            For future owners, please consider getting your dog from an animal shelter. There is every kind of dog available for adoption, and you’ll be saving an animal’s life in the process.

                            ❤️ Complete the sentence. Life with Simon  is…

                              Never boring ❤️

                              Get the look!

                              Simon is wearing the Great British Canine FriendshipCollar