Binazir and Poonchic

Best friends: Binazir and Poonchic

♡ How old is Poonchic?

2.5 Years old

♡ Can you tell us how he got his name?

Well, Poonchic is the name of a traditional pastry coming from Persia. It is a sweet and fluffy delicacy similar to Cream doughnut there called Poonchic. Naturally we named him after this sweet, delicious thing.

♡ Congrats on being the winner of the most dog-like cat award! We really are desperate to hear more! Tell us a little about Poonchic's character. What is his most dog-like attribute? Has he always been this way?

Poonchic is a very special and thoughtful cat and he thinks a lot when he faces new situations instead of getting nervous. He also has a very close relationship with us and he is very much involved in our day to day life. His most dog-like attribute which is known to everyone is his car rides. He loves to sit in the car and stick his head outside the window. Even when the car is moving with speed he keeps his head out and enjoys the wind blowing on his face.

But he also has other dog-like characteristics. He fetches his favorite toy and the type of relationship that he has with us reminds most of the people of dogs.Poonchic also deeply believes that he is a Super Model. Whenever he wears his clothes in front of the camera, he gives us the special look and he stares into the camera with different angels in order to get the perfect shot!

♡ Do you have dogs too?

At the moment we do not have a dog but we are planning to adopt one in future.

♡ How is Poonchic around pups?

He is super comfortable with pups. Poonchic has a great relationship with dogs as well. When we went to Los Angeles for the World Dog Awards show he was the only cat in that place which was full of Barking and Loud music but we never had any problem with the situation and Poonchic was super comfortable.

♡ What made you begin your Instagram @poonchic ?

I always wanted to have a Instagram account for my Pet, not necessarily to become famous but I just wanted to record his day to day life. Poonchic’s Instagram account had so many changes since we started it, but now it is at a point that most people name him as the most handsome cat on Instagram.

♡ Can you tell us about your car-ride adventures? Where do you get to?

I am an animal lover and after adopting Poonchic I never felt comfortable leaving him home alone, so I took him out every day and he always liked to join me. We go everywhere together and he is just like my little son and I can rarely remember anywhere that I have not taken him with me!

We also go out for lots of adventures as well and we find ourselves lost in the nature most of the time. Poonchi has also been into couple very long Road trips with us. For example once we went to San Diego (8 Hour Drive) and the other time we went to Seattle to visit a friend (15 Hour drive)We have also been in San Francisco couple time to have some fun and take pictures with beautiful places.

♡ If Poonchic could talk what would he say?

I am sure that he has a lot to say and we can easily understand what he wants from the tone of his voice. But if he could talk just like us he would most probably talked about our great friendship.