Sophia & Soma

Soma is my best friend because...she loves and appreciates me even when it isn't meal time!

Soma is my best friend because...she loves and appreciates me even when it isn't meal time!

♡ How old was Soma when you adopted her?

Soma was only 8 weeks old when we adopted her.

♡ What made you adopt?

I have never adopted a kitten before since I know there is a need to adopt older cats. However, Soma's living conditions were less than ideal and I wanted her to have the best possible life from the very start. Siamese kittens/cats also have a very hard time in shelters due to their social nature. I knew she was the right one when she immediately started playing with my shoelaces!

♡ What difficulties did you face when adopting Soma?

I had a rush of emotions after adopting Soma. I was so excited to offer this kitten the world but it was clear that she needed some socialization and veterinarian care, we were almost too nervous to touch her due to how thin she was. She had no problem getting used to her soft bed and abundance of toys but she wasn't used to human contact at all. She didn't like to be held or pet and preferred to spend time alone. I took her to the vet as soon as possible. We were informed that she weighed only 1.5 lbs., had ears completely filled with mites and a belly full of worms. Health issues aside, the vet was amazed by Soma's confidence and curiosity.

♡ Has she come out of her shell completely? Is she more relaxed now?

Soma has completely come out of her shell. Right after her first vet visit I spent all of my free time with her. She grew very fond of a soft rug we have and would nap there often. While she was napping on the rug I would put a pillow next to it and lay there just so she could get used to being with me and being pet. Not even a week later she started to take her naps on my lap and we finally got to hear her purr! It was so loud and impressive for such a tiny kitty. Now, she adores affection especially in the form of tummy rubs. Soma is 6 months old, she is still petite for her age at 4 lbs. but she is so much healthier!

♡ What is life like with Soma?

Life with Soma is so fun, she is always doing something that makes us laugh. Our favorite game to play is "where is Soma napping now?" since she finds the most ridiculous places. Some of her more recent favorite spots include the laundry bin, a paper bag, her kitten food container, open dresser drawers and any piece of clothing that is left on the floor. She has a very unique meow that sounds like a little cackle. She only meows when she wants food or affection. If you talk to her while she's meowing she will always respond. We have a lot of quality conversations everyday.

♡ What is her favorite past time?

Soma's favorite past time is playing with anything that moves. She is fascinated with the ceiling fan and I think she's pretty confident that she will catch it someday. She has a very sharp eye and if your toes move even the tiniest bit under the covers she will attack! Soma discovered the mirror a couple weeks ago and she still doesn't quite understand that the kitty she sees in the mirror is her reflection. She spends a lot of time trying to attack the kitty in the mirror, I'm sure she will learn eventually.

♡ What is the cutest thing she has ever done?

The cutest thing Soma has ever done has got to be how she woke me up the other morning. She was in the mood for a major tummy rub so she stood on my chest with her nose almost touching mine. Then she meowed into my face with her kitty/dragon breath and then flopped over so I could rub her tummy. After she received her tummy rub she snuggled up under my chin and started purring. You can bet that I turned my alarm off and stayed in bed that day!

♡ What makes her so special to you?

I think the thing that makes Soma so special to me is the relationship that we have established. She is the first kitten I have ever had and I am the first human companion she has ever had and that alone is very special. She has such a fierce personality and she takes the world by storm. I'm so happy that she chose to trust and love me despite her less than ideal first couple months on this earth.

♡ How quickly did you bond?

I think we bonded after her first vet visit which was within 24 hours of bringing her home. That was a big day for her and instead of trying to be alone she crawled into my lap and fell asleep while I went over all the papers from the vet. She only stayed there for 5 minutes but it was the very first time that I could tell she appreciated having her own human and it melted my heart! Now, if you ask Soma the same question she'll probably say we bonded after she received her first kitty treat.