Bre & Jeremih

♡ Your Instagram feed is full of so many inspirational pictures! Can you tell us a bit about being a content creator!

Thank you! Content creation has only recently been my full-time job as of last fall. I develop digital assets (still photos, boomerangs, etc) for brands’ end use, which are mainly for their social media channels. On top of that, I also create content for our own brand/channel, @HungryHipsters! There’s not a day I’m not shooting, creating, cooking or making concept decks. It’s extremely time consuming, but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had at “work!”

♡ You are very creative! Where do you get inspiration from?

I’ve definitely learned all about being creative, targeted trend forecasting & photography through my career at Macy’s Inc & for 7 years. I was a member of our Fashion Office, specializing in Young Contemporary research & executing trends in catalog, in-store & online for our Millennial shopper. I still use everything I learned in a big corporate office, applying it to my new career path!

♡ Does your pooch get to come to work with you?

Now that I work for myself, I’m working from home most days, so technically he’s at work with me ☺

♡ Your pooch looks photogenic! Is you pup happy to be photographed?

I don’t think he necessarily wants to be photographed, but he’s the most behaved pup when it does comes to photos! We’ve even had him outside unleashed in a picnic basket before while a nearby school recently let out for the day. He literally just sat there in the basket while we wrapped up the shoot, totally not phased by the crazy, NYC commotion!

♡ Does your pooch help you with you creating content?

He definitely inspires me! I recently made this Dog Emoji toast, just because it looked like him. I also have a client that sends me accessories to photograph for them, and they request he’s in the images!

♡ How would you describe your pooch?

He’s the sweetest, craziest, happiest little human I’ve ever met. He’s going to be 4 years old this year, yet still acts like a puppy when he sees people outside. He has such an amazing personality, more like that of a human than a dog!

♡ Does your pup travel with you?

Sometimes! When we visit family we always bring him with us, but if it’s a work trip or a weekend getaway, he stays at home with a friend or family member.

♡ What’s the cutest thing your Dog does / has ever done?

His favorite time of the day has to be bedtime. We let him lay with us for a bit as we watch Netflix, but the inevitable is that he will be put in his own bed/crate at some point. When it’s time to pick him up off the bed, he slowly crawls over to the other person in bed & gets so close, as if to blend in/not be seen. When you pick him up, he’s complete mush. It’s always so sweet how he just wants to stay there forever!

♡ Tell us something we don’t know about your pooch!

Christian & I made an arrangement, I got to pick our dog & he got to name it. So Jeremih is actually named after the R&B singer-songwriter, and yes, it’s spelled the same way too. So random, but I couldn’t fight it!

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

It’s like those old school friendship necklaces where one said “best” & the other said “friends.” It’s a public display of the greatest kind of friendship!Jeremih is my best friend because he’s my baby! And he always puts a smile on my face ☺