Lacey & Chloe

Instagram: @laceythebichon

♡ How old are you Lacey?

Lacey is 15 months old!

♡ What is your momma's name?

My name is Chloe. :)

♡ How long have you been best friends?

Oh ever since I picked her up from the breeder, which is around 12 and a half months.

♡ Can you tell us what's your typical day like?

Our typical day usually begins with a lazy morning. We'll play for a few hours, Lacey will have a short nap and then we're out on our daily walk. We usually walk for 2-4 hours per day! After the walk, more playing is endured before dinner. Then we both retire for bed.

♡ You always have the perfect shot :) Do you enjoy posing in front of the camera?

Oh Lacey loves it. She'll constantly be doing her favorite trick 'Sit Pretty' while modelling all of our favorite products. It's so much fun.

♡ Can you tell us the story of how you first met Lacey?

I first met Lacey when we picked her up from the breeders. I was worrying that I wouldn't find a pup that's right for me, but that quickly changed! Lacey sat on my lap and followed me everywhere for a good hour or so. I automatically knew that she was the pup for me.

♡ She is so fluffy and white! Does she need grooming, lots?

Oh yes, indeed she does. She gets groomed in the morning and again at night. Our favorite tools to use are a slicker brush and a rotating comb. Perfect for getting those knots out! She also has a bath every 2-3 weeks with special shampoo for her skin, just so it doesn't dry out.

♡ You have so many friends Lacey :) Can you tell us about your adventures!

Our favorite adventure is a beach one. Lacey absolutely loves the beach. She loves diving in and out of the water and playing in the sand. People always stop and watch her digging, it's so amusing! She's like a little meerkat. :)

♡ Any stories or secrets you wish to share!

Lacey had her first swim recently when we were visiting some relatives. The other dogs were paddling around in the lake, and Lacey decided to join in. I got such a surprise! She was paddling around in circles around the other dogs, it was hilarious.

What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Our matching FriendshipCollar and bracelet mean that we can be matching in a nice and super fashionable way. I think it also reminds us of our friendship, and how connected we are!

Lacey is my best friends because... she always makes me smile, whatever mood I am in.