Carey, Kookie, & Piper

♡ How old are Kookie & Piper and how big are they?

Kookie is almost 2 years old and Piper is almost 4 months old.

♡ Your social media fame:

Lately my Instagram @kookieandkipper_minipigs has become mostly about Kookie and our new piggy we rescued. Piper has become quite popular on our IG page, people can't get enough of her. We saved her from freezing to death. She was all alone outside, so of course we jumped in the car to go rescue her. Since rescuing Piper our fame value has blown up. People just love Piper so much! she truly is one of a kind piggy.

♡ What made you choose micro pigs as best friends?

Well my number one baby is Kookie of course. She was the reason I started loving pigs so much. She is truly my bae, my best friend!

♡ What is life like with these two cuties?

Pigs are the 4th smartest animal and can be trained anything u can train a dog. When the weather is warm we like to take Kookie on hikes in the mountains, we even go to the river and she loves to swim. My love for pigs grows more and more everyday.

♡ Have you always loved piggies?

Life with pigs is the best life I have ever lived. They bring me so much joy and happiness.

♡ Who needs the most attention and belly rubs?

They are such a blessing to our family. They both love belly rubs. It gets them every time.

♡ What is their fave food?

Kookie absolutely loves food. Her favorite is cereal, and see loves every kind of cereal, lol. 

Life without her would be... very depressing. I can't imagine life without her. She truly has saved me, and now my goal is to try to save all the piggies I can afford to save from bad situations

Kookie truly is my best friend because...she knows how to make me smile every single day.

Kookie is wearing The Mucky Pup FriendshipCollar