Diane & Holly


♡ Where did you first meet your pooch?

Holly and I first met at a Petco store in Melbourne, Florida. My daughter and I drove several hours to pick her up for adoption through the Pug Rescue of Florida.

♡ We know Holly is a rescue, can you tell us a bit about her backstory?

Holly had at least two other homes before we adopted her. The first family decided they couldn't care for her anymore after they had a baby. So, they gave her away to the pug rescue. She then was adopted out to an elderly couple, which only kept her for about two weeks. They had two cats and said that Holly was a handful. So back to the pug rescue she went until I came along and adopted her!

♡ What is life like with Holly? Has she been on any adventures with you?

Life with Holly has been wonderful! She can be a little quirky at times, but we love her so much. She has been on a few vacations with us and likes to travel in the car. We frequently go to visit our son and his pug, Eva. They enjoy running around together on the beach.

♡ What is her favorite food/past time/ place to sleep?

Holly's favorite thing to eat are gummy bears. She goes absolutely crazy when she knows they are around. We are very strict about giving her people food, but on special occasions she will get a few gummy bears... Her favorite past time would be to sit on the lounge chair in the sun by the pool. She goes out every morning to sunbathe... Her favorite places to sleep are on the sofa or in the bed at night with me. She has several dog beds around the house, so she has many places to sleep.

♡ Can you tell us something unique about Holly?

I would have to say that the most unique thing about Holly would be her very large tongue.

♡ What's the story behind her famous big tongue? We adore it!

Thank you! People ask me all the time why her tongue is so big. They think that there is something wrong with her. Since I got her when she was almost three years old, I only assume that she was born that way. Her tongue is my favorite part of her and it makes her extra special.

♡ It looks like she loves dressing up! What is her favorite outfit?

People often wonder if Holly minds dressing up. She absolutely loves it! She has so many costumes and outfits to wear that I have a room full of storage bins filled with all her stuff. It would be hard to say which is her favorite outfit, because she loves to wear everything! She gets extremely relaxed when she is dressed up and falls asleep immediately. So, it is sometimes a challenge to keep her awake while I am taking a picture of her.

♡ What makes her so special to you?

Holly is very special to me because she gives me so much love. She is always there to make me laugh or smile when I need it. She's like a child to me and I love her dearly.

♡ Can you tell us a quirky/funny Story about your pup:

The one quirky thing about Holly is that she loves to sit on a float in our swimming pool and will stay there for hours floating around. She can't swim very well, but loves to float! I will dress her in a bikini with a sun hat and she will fall asleep while floating around the pool.

My dog is my best friend because…Holly is my best friend because she always is there for me with her unconditional love. I can never get mad at her, she is very precious to me.