Charly & Katharina


Ice-cream loving and belly rubbing, Charly is a very loved pup!

Our latest pet crush: Charly & Katharina

Social media fame: Instagram: @charlymeltsmyheart

The story: It was love at first sight when I saw Charly at the Animal Shelter. At first I did not expect to adopt a dog but then I saw him.. and I was suddenly in love! Since then my life with Charly has been the best ever!

Nicknames: Charles, charlinsky

Breed: Minpin

Colour of fur: black and brown

Tell us funny story about your dog:

Charly is in love with Cora a little Minpin girl.

Describe your pooch in 3 words:

Alive, lovely, cuddle-boy

Any favourite tricks he can do? 

Charly can give me high-five, he sits like Michael Jackson and also gives me kisses on demand.

What is the cutest thing about Charly?

He is so in love with me that everyone sees it too!

My dog always make me smile... when he is happy and eating ice cream!

My dog is my best friend because... because he is the most understanding and loveable creature on earth!