Claire & Riley

Our latest pet crush: My name is Claire and my best friend's name is Riley

Social media fame: Instagram: @rileybeann

Love at first sight?

My sisters and I have wanted a dog since we were very little, but my mom was completely opposed to the thought of owning a dog. For years I tried to convince my mom until I started to accept that I may never get a dog... the perfect time for my parents to plan a surprise for my sisters and I. We travelled three hours to upstate New York for what, at the time, my sisters and I thought was a new chicken (we own a few chickens as well). However, when we arrived at our destination, we didn't see any chickens.  Instead, we saw a couple of dogs running around at the top of a hill. A few moments later, another car pulls into the driveway, the trunk opens, and there sit FOURTEEN puppies. The driver had just taken them to a photoshoot and asked us if we could help bring them into their whelping box area.  I remember feeling upset that we came all this way to get a chicken when there were fourteen adorable puppies right there. Then, I heard my mom say, "that's ours!" I could not believe it, I never thought in a million years those I would hear my mom say that. To this day, It still feels so surreal.

Nicknames: Ri, Riley Bean, Beany, Nugget

Breed: Brittany

Colour of fur: Orange and White

Describe Riley in 3 words.. quirky, motivating, my best friend

His favourite trick? BANG!

Tell us a quirky story about your pup: He is quirky every day! Haha, from the weird "growling pig" noises he makes when he plays, to the way he wags his whole butt when he's happy. Search up "TheLife0fRiley" (o in of is a zero) on Youtube, there is a video of him stealing my iPhone when I accidentally left it on the floor while filming tricks.

What’s the cutest thing Riley has ever done? Riley LOVES to chase squirrels. He caught one once, but I helped it get away. After that taste of victory, he's been a squirrel chasing machine!

Does Riley have a favourite hobby? Chasing squirrels, sitting under trees waiting for birds and squirrels to fall, doing photoshoots, making as much noise as possible with squeaky toys.

Describe your Dog’s typical day.. on a typical day with Riley, he eats in the morning, sleeps, goes for a walk, sleeps, does a photoshoot, sleeps, walks again, plays, sleeps, eats, sleeps, repeat.

My dog is my best friend because... my dog makes me smile when I think about how I pick up after him, walk him, bathe him, groom him, feed him, drive him around, and pay for his needs... But still, I know he does more for me than I do for him.