Chelsea & Vinny

♡ How old is Vinny?

1 year and 4 months

♡ How did you become besties?

From the day I first laid eyes on him as a 10 week old pup, we have been inseparable since. We go everywhere together and do everything together. We are best friends for life! What is Vinny like on a daily basis? He has so much personality bundled into an 18 lb little pug body! He wakes me up in the morning with one of his prized toys from his toy box, is always trying to make me laugh with his silliness and loves to cuddle on my lap when he's tired!

♡ What makes Vinny such a good bestie?

He always makes me laugh, showers me with endless love and affection, and has the best personality ever! Life with Vinny is never boring! He is full of so many pug antics that he is always making my husband and I laugh.

♡ What has Vinny added to your life?

Vinny makes me feel loved, happy, excited, protective and content with life! Couldn't imagine my life without this small little pug package full of love in my life.

♡ When did he become such a famous pup?

I'm not exactly sure. I started his Instagram when I first got him and was doing it for fun. Next thing I know, people were really enjoying his pug antics as much as I was and he has had a steady flow of growing followers since.

♡ What would Vinny say if he could talk?

Maaaaa, when's second dinner?Maaaaa, I just pooped in the living room when you weren't looking because the grass is wet outside and I don't do "wet" grass.Or Maaaaa, I just farted.Maaaaa, I love you so much! *sneeze* sorry for doing that right in your face.Maaaaa, there's so many toys and so little time!

♡ What naughty things would he do if you let him?

Eat all the food in his storage container, eat the cat poop, eat the chicken poop, tear out all the fuzz out of his toys and eat it, poop whenever and wherever inside the house, eat anything small off the floor, tear open the garbage and eat every last morsel inside (edible or not)

♡ Hey Vinny, what is your favorite thing about your human?

My favorite thing about my human is the fact that she supplies me with an abundance of toys that I can tear up, gives me really yummy treats daily, and always snuggles me whenever I want!

♡ What is your most treasured toy?

My most treasured toy WAS blue bear (RIP...) until I tore it's head off and it was inoperable. Now, I would say my favorite toy is my stuffed yoda that I have had for a year now. It stinks so good!

♡ Tell us a fun story about your life!

Well, this one time I was running after my baby kitten sister and she was really gaining the lead on me but I was closing the gap and then... Ma, ma, what is that? Is that food in your hand? Can I have some? Please? Come on, just a bite? Oooooh, you never share... What? Oh, I get a small bite! Yay! Don't tell daddy... Sure sure I won't., so, what was I talking about again?

♡ Where is the craziest place you have ever fallen asleep?

I literally fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. I fall asleep on the top of the couch, on the cat tree, in the bath tub, in the garden outside, I pretty much don't have a problem falling asleep wherever I please!