Emma & Alfie

♡ Length of friendship:

Four and a half years

♡ Can you tell us the story about how you first met/ got your pooch?

I had always wanted my own dog, we had always had family dogs but it's not like a dog of your very own. Eventually my parents agreed to let me get a puppy. Funnily enough I actually went to view Alfie's brother, I had intending on using him as a gundog! I then saw the cutest wimpiest bundle of fluff hiding at the back of the kennel, I instantly fell in love with him and he came home with me that evening.

♡ Can you describe what life is like with Alfie by your side?

I'm so proud to have Alfie by my side, he really is my shadow - I take him everywhere with me.

♡ What is the silliest thing he does/has ever done?

He has a serious love for stick, one day I caught him slyly trying to steal an old man's walking stick - Ooopsie!!

♡ Is he ever naughty? Does he steal treats? Does he snore? Spill the beans on his cute antics!

He is never really naughty but he is quite a character! In the mornings he wakes me up before my alarm to give him a cuddle. He is also a complete mud monster, I can guarantee if there is mud in the area he will find it...

♡ Is Alfie a good model?

He's a wonderful model, always keen to strike a pose

♡ He is a super dapper dog! Does he love to pose for your pictures?

Oh he loves it, he will find some great posing spots and then he just wait there in position until I have taken a photo of him - He loves the attention!

♡ It looks like you go on lots of country walks in the UK! Where is your favourite dog-friendly place to go?

This is a tricky one, but it definitely has to be a walk along the beach - Salcombe is a favourite of mine, so dog friendly!

♡ When was the last time Alfie made you laugh or brought a smile to your face?

Just before I left for work this morning! I always bring his blanket down and put it on the sofa to snuggle on whilst I am gone, but this morning I forgot it.. He just sat there sulking until I went and got it for him - Such a spoilt princess! 

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

I just love the concept of the FriendshipCollar, I love to match! - It is great to have the matching bracelet for those times Alfie has to stay at home. Makes me think of him [Let's face it, I'm Alfie obsessed.. He is always on my mind!]

♡ Alfie is my best friend because...

He is always there for me, no matter what time of day.