Cindy & Kennedy Ann

Best friends: Cindy & Kennedy Ann


♡ How old is your bestie?

Kennedy Ann turned 1 on March 25, so she is almost 1 ½.

♡ What it life like with her?

Life with Kennedy is never boring, and incredibly happy. She is incredibly hyper and very independent, but also such a very sweet girl. She is very protective of me, and loves to bark at everything. Also, she loves meeting new people, and new fur-pals! And she is VERY nosy! A typical day starts with her ready to play. She loves to run, just to run! And she loves playing ball with me or with the kids. She seems to have an endless amount of energy. She shadows me all day long. If I move, she is there with me. I’m very lucky to be a stay at home mom because Kennedy never seems to get enough attention.

She will catch a nap here or there during the day, but she loves to stay up late! She will lay on the couch or on the floor and chew a bone or snuggle. When we finally go up to bed around midnight or so, she lays at the end of the hallway, as if on watch to protect us. If she hears me move, she comes to check on me. If anyone else is awake in the house, she will come and hop in the bed with me. It’s as if she knows someone is up to keep an eye on things. She is wild and crazy, but very lovable and protective.

♡ What made you wish to match your best friend?

I wanted to match Kennedy Ann, because she and I are incredibly close. It’s hard to explain, but there was an immediate bond, for lack of a better word, between us. The way she interacts with me, at times, seems almost human. We just get each other. Not sure if that makes sense, but some connections are just hard to put into words.

♡ Can you share any fun stories with us about Kennedy Ann? Does she do anything super silly? We love to hear all about her personality!

Well, her hyperness leads to a whole lot of silly. Everyone thinks from looking at her pics that she is calm and trained. She is definitely not either. Anytime I take a pic, I know I have about a half hour of craziness. If I’m using a prop, I just let her go nuts with it. I snap what she does and really end up with some cute, fun pics. When she tires herself out, she will just sit or lay, and then I take most of the pics seen on IG.

No one believes me when I tell them she is really hyper. She hates hats! Which is really fun because, she goes NUTS if you bring one out. And if anyone wears one, they better do so out of her presence because she will express her displeasure and try her best to get it. It was really fun meeting Santa last year! Kennedy Ann really wanted his hat! She also loves to play games with other people in the house. She will steal their seats if they get up for a snack and then refuse to move when they come back. Just a lot of little cute things like that.

For all her hyperness, however, she has never destroyed anything. We can leave anything on a shelf or a table (including food or even one of her toys) and she will not touch it without permission. If it’s on the floor, however, I guess she figures it’s fair game. She also goes nuts barking at blondes on TV. Never a blonde we see in a store, or friends who come over, just on TV. And another thing she does, is if I’m coming downstairs, she HAS to walk me down. She grabs whatever I’m wearing and literally leads me to my seat.

♡ Are there any challenges with living with Kennedy Ann?

Her personality is a happy and very outgoing one! But, she was a rescue, and the vet determined she had been abused. They believe particularly with water somehow. She will play in water but not if she is approached. And bath time, is fun! We had to try different things to find what works because she hyperventilates when bathed. The vet wanted me to sedate her for bath time but I didn’t like the idea of taking that risk.

So bath time at our house is like this…. I lay towel all over the bathroom floor. I fill up the bathtub and she plays in the water. When she sees me pick up the shampoo, she jumps out of the water and I soap her up in the middle of the bathroom. Once I’m done, she jumps back in to be rinsed which I have to do a little at a time, back off, repeat, to keep the hyperventilating to a minimum. When done, even with the towels everywhere, my bathroom looks like a typhoon hit it. So even though, very happy and a lot of fun, she does still have a little issues from before she came home. And that’s okay!! She’s still perfect to me! 

Life with a dog is... complete! Kennedy Ann has brought a happiness to my life that I didn’t even know I was lacking! It is hard to explain with words, but life is better.

Cindy is my best friend because…. Gosh, I don’t know how to answer that. I’m not sure why Kennedy Ann chose me to be her person. She trusts me. And I think she knows, I won’t let anyone hurt her. From the day we met her, she latched on to me, and I don’t really know why, but the feeling was mutual. It’s been incredible and definitely something I don’t know how to explain.

Kennedy Ann is rocking the Puppy Love FriendshipCollar!