"Fergie & occasionally Griffin"

Best friends: Fergie, Griffin & Amy

Social Media Fame: @lifeoffergie (Only on Instagram right now, future plans for a blog though!)


Fergie: Bird, Birdy, Noodles, Pickle, NunuGriffin: Fatsticks (he was really fat when he was little), Griff, Griffles, G-unit, GriffyTogether: Pickles


They are both Italian Greyhounds but Fergie is from the Australian bloodline so she has finer features. Griffin is from an American bloodline and is what we call a “biggy iggy”.

Colour of Fur:

Fergie: Blue with white secret socksGriffin: Black with lots of white (the breeder named him “Arnaldo” whichs means Eagle in Italian because he has what looks like two wings on the back of his neck)

♡ How old are your pooches?

They are both 2, but Griffin is four months younger than Fergie.Fergies birthday is 23rd of March & Griffin the 31st of July 2014.

♡ Can you tell us a bit about their personalities?

Although they are the same breed, they could not be more different- Fergie is a bit of a wild child!! She is SUPER intelligent, she can learn new tricks very quickly, she is definitely the boss of the house- and she gets jealous really easily, Fergie’s ears are mostly decorative as listening to us is the last thing that goes through her mind. She loves to cuddle and is not afraid of anything, she loves swimming and will fetch a ball all day long, Fergie is a great all-rounder and has the personality of a Jack Russell.

Griffin is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he is so gentle and loving which makes up for it. He is super obedient and will do anything to try and please you, He is very shy and no-where near as vocal as Fergie and he takes a while to warm up to people but once he gets to know you he is really sweet and will "hug" you. Griffin prefers to carry socks or shoes around than to play ball. He gets “the crazies” and tries to entice Fergie and even the cats to join in on the fun- he zooms around the garden and house jumping onto the couch from 2 meters away. He really is the sweetest dog I have ever owned.

♡ Do they have any tricks or habits we should know about?

Well believe it or not we did obedience training with them and they both scored the highest in their classes (even placing above Labradors) – Fergie with a 97% and Griffin with 93% They can both sit, give you their paw, lay-down and stay. They are really easy to train!

♡ What is your favourite activity with both of them?

We love taking them to the dog park and the beach, when we are there Fergie LOVES to run- she will run long distances between us on command- it is really stunning to see and you can see she enjoys it! She also loves to fetch her floating Frisbee; Griff waits in the shallows to snatch it from her when she gets close enough. They come fishing with us on the rocks, and also love driving on the back of the farm vehicle on game drives.

♡ Fergie and Griff both look so regal in their pictures! Do both of them love being photographed?

Griffin is VERY food obsessed – he will do anything for a treat so he doesn’t mind it at all!If Fergie sees me pick up my camera, she will run and hop onto the chair where I usually photograph her (it gets the best light), it’s like she KNOWS – and yes I think she LOVES the attention.

♡ Where do you get your inspiration for your images? Do they sit still for the camera or does it take a long time to get the perfect picture?

I LOVE flowers, and so I try and incorporate them into my images as much as possible so that’s why you will see lots of flower crown/garland photos- I love the pops of colour and vibrancy.They are such elegant looking dogs so we try to keep that image (even though they can be real hooligans).Yes they do sit still most of the time, unless they are trying to get their flowers off and then it is REALLY hard to get the perfect shot.

♡ When and why did you start an Instagram account for them?

I think it was Christmas time in 2014 because my own instagram and facebook were becoming REALLY full of doggy photos. I had also seen a few other dogs instagrams like tunameltsmyheart and bellalovesbeau, they inspired me to start my own.

♡ Can you tell us any fun stories about your pooches?

Griffin “Smiles” at us when we come home, he literally lifts his lips up and shows us his teeth- it is the funniest thing ever and we don’t know how he learnt how to do this!Fergie is so clever- she can roll over on demand and if you ask her to go fetch her ball she will go fetch a ball but if you tell her to get the banana she will go get her banana (it’s a cute toy and you stuff treats inside and it keeps them busy). She also loves weird foods like Carrots, Strawberries, Cucumber, and Butternut. 

My dogs are my best friends because... Fergie and Griffin are my best friends because they are just so loving and loyal, They are ALWAYS happy to see me when I get home & they are so easy going and a pleasure to have around wherever we take them. I couldn’t imagine my life without these two- they are my little Velcro dogs.