Creating Pet Art: Smart Hacks To Draw Your Dog

Lonely in lockdown? Bored of baking banana bread? Zoning out of zoom calls? It can start to feel a little like groundhog day. So we thought this fun pet inspired art class would inspire you to step away from social media and re-connect with your pets! Take half an hour offline to get creative with our FriendshipCollar Loves Drawing Class! 

If you’re looking for a productive way to pass the time, why not try making dog-related art? Not only is it a great way to bond with your fur baby, but engaging in an artistic pursuit can benefit your mental well being. Here are some smart hacks to draw your dog.

Start with the basics

If you’ve never drawn before or it’s been a while since the last time you’ve created artwork, then you may want to start by creating a cartoon portrait of your pet. Don’t pressure yourself to create a realistic sketch of your furbaby as it may take some time before you master the technique. Drawing should be fun and not frustrating, so take it easy and start by creating basic shapes on your sketchpad.

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Stay true to your dog’s form and draw the shape of their head and body, making sure that it somewhat resembles your pet’s actual form. Once you’ve got that down, draw the features as if you’re creating an emoji, or give your pooch an anime-like appearance by enlarging their eyes so they’d look as if they came from a manga. Try to capture their personality by adding their fave toy, something that they love the most like their bed or by including their Friendshipcollar! Finish your masterpiece using some colored pencils ,crayons, paint or if your feeling super fetch, add a touch of glitter! After all besties shine brighter than diamonds! 

Use a photo of your dog as reference

Getting your pooch to stay still while you draw may be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have a very active or excitable pet. This is why drawing them while they’re resting or sleeping is recommended, but even that may not give you enough time to finish your masterpiece. Instead of trying to bribe your dog to pose for you, consider using a photo of your fur baby as a reference when drawing a realistic pet portrait. 

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Pick a photo that clearly shows your dog’s form or facial expression. The hardest part of this is choosing one of your favourites from the hundreds you have on your phone! Then on your sketchpad, map out the shape of your pet's head. Begin by sketching reference lines from the top of their cute fuzzy ears, across to their love-able eyes, down to their tongue lolling mouths and don't furget to place their boop-able nose. Once you’ve got the overall shape down, use light strokes to outline their head, then fill in all the impawtant details. You know their fur-color markings and everything that makes them so unique! Show some personality and include their favorite toy or position them in their favorite pose or place! Once you have the form down, use colored pencils to create some shadows and use soft strokes to draw their fur.

Go beyond drawing

If you want to go beyond drawing, try other art mediums to see what works for you. Consider using acrylics, water colors, or oil paints to paint a portrait of your dog. Don’t limit yourself to paper and try painting on ceramic tiles, wood, or ceramics. If you want an art form that’s a little more tactile, get some clay and make a sculpture of your pooch. Taking photos of your dog is another way to unleash your creativity while bonding with your fur baby.

Turn it into a game!

If your a bit fed up of doing things alone, this fun drawing game will have you in stitches. Have you ever played that game where one person draws the head, folds the paper over and then passes it to the next person to draw the neck. You fold it again and then pass it on, so someone else draws the body, then finally the feet. Then when it's complete, it's hilarious when you open it up to see the crazy finished person! Try this with your dog. Ask everyone you live with to join in! We tried it and we had drawn a beagle's head mixed with a dalmatian's spotted neck, with a pugs little body and a chihuahua's curled tail! 


Life-drawing classes are all the rage at the moment, but we recommend drawing your pooch fully clothed in their FriendshipCollar! However if you do take off their collar for this artwork, don't forget to put it back on! Your pup may not like to be seen 'nakey' without it!

Dogs have always been a source of inspiration for some of the best contemporary artists in the world. Think about Jeff Koons’ massive sculpture of a terrier named Puppy, which can be found outside the Guggenheim Museum in Spain.


And who can forget about Keith Haring's iconic Dancing Dogs graffiti.


Or Andy Warhol's painting of his beloved Daschund, Archie? Indeed, a canine companion can be the best muse as dogs inspire people to create works of art that evoke positive emotions which can heal or comfort us during challenging times.


Drawing your bestie can be a relaxing way to spend time with them and to hone some new fun skills. With so many classes and events cancelled this year, it's fun to try something new from the comfort of your own home. We hope that you enjoy these tips on how to draw your dog! Feel free to share them with us too! 

Blog post co-written by Guest Blogger: Katlyn Unsworth

Love & Friendship x