Dogs, Cats and Babies

With the arrival of a new (human) baby into your family, it’s fair to say that a LOT will change in your life!
Getting your bestie ready for your baby
Did your cat or dog know about your new arrival? That expanding belly makes the perfect cozy spot for them. 
Meet and Greet!
When you bring your baby home from the hospital the house will be filled with new smells and sounds and a very different energy! It’s best to settle in first before you rush those meet and greets. 
As your baby gets more mobile and your pets get a little more inquisitive, those sweet nose boops and little pats can quickly turn into tail pulling a case of sporadic swats and bops! It’s adorable to see your baby and fur-baby together but remember to watch them a little closely as it can take a little while for them to get used to each other.
Sleep deprivation and sleep spaces
It’s good to have safe sleep spaces. Getting into a routine of shutting the nursery door, or ensuring that your cat or dog knows it’s off limits is best done in advance. - It’s best to start this a little earlier on during your pregnancy for cats, as they need more time to adjust. 
Fresh air and new routines
Walking your baby with your pup, try and keep to your pets schedule, so they don’t feel too off kilter at the new arrival. This goes for their feeding times too! Strolling with your dog and buggy will make you feel a little less wide-eyed!
It’s true that there will be a little, okay maybe a LOT of change to you and your pet’s routines those first few months! Try to stick to it to ensure they are not too disrupted.
Back up your phones! 
If you thought taking pictures of those fur and bean paws was fun, then you are going to go crazy taking pictures of your new arrival sleeping soundly whilst your pooches and kitty cats watch! Yes your phone will be filled with even more pictures of teeny tiny toes. 
Your cute new arrival
Your hearts will be close to bursting. Your besties may become extremely curious and possibly quite protective of the little one! Make sure you make time for your dogs and cats too, they won’t be used to the lack of attention they are getting. Especially if you feel touched out or sleep deprived. It’s important to make sure you carve out a little extra time to play with them alone, so they feel super impawtant too! 
Dog fur do care! 
With little ones' skins reacting to fur or dust, a little more cleaning the floors or brushing your pet’s fur is important before they get more mobile!
Less bestie time - So your hands are full, whether that’s due to holding the baby, feeding the baby. Make sure you carve out some time. Your one and only may feel a little neglected when the baby is demanding more of your time and attention. Try and find some one and one time with your pooch or playtime with your cat. Or do a joint activity like walking your dog and taking your baby out in their stroller together, so that your bestie still feels like they have your undivided attention. It’s a life change for them too! Don’t worry too much as soon your baby and fur-baby will be playing together.