Dani & Bruma

How long have you had your dog for?

Bruma has been with me since February 2010

Why is your dog your best friend?

A dog always is a true best friend. They always treat us so well and for that reason we must always show them the same amount of love and care.

Can you tell me a bit more about your love for photography!

I have always liked photography, but with Bruma I have found the perfect subject to take pictures of! Bruma is always at the centre of my pictures and is the best companion I could ever ask for.

Are dogs an easy subject to photograph?

They are not! I  have photographed many other dogs, as for my work  have taken many pictures of the dogs rescued in my city, for their adoption images and it is not an easy task. I have had to learn a few tricks to help!  But with Bruma it is different, he makes it very easy.

We loved the picture of your pooch drinking a milkshake! Can you let me know the inspiration behind the picture?

The main inspiration behind this picture was the summertime. I wanted something light and fresh but also fun which suits the Top Dog FriendshipCollar colorways, pastels, pink and white.

What is the best thing about your dog?The unconditional love that he gives me.