Emely and Herkules

Our latest pet crush: My name is Emely & my happy pooches name is Herkules

Social media fame: Instagram: @sweet_melly

How long have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging about fashion for 1 and a half years. I love fashion because everybody can present themself the way they want, which is also why I love the concept of FriendshipCollar because it shows the strong bonds of friendship between me and my pooch in a stylish way.

Can you tell us when your little pooch came into your life and how he has changed it! 

He came in my life in Christmas time in 2013. He has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives words can't describe!
What is the cutest thing Herkules does?
 Everytime when he sleeps, he sticks out his tongue!
What is your favorite thing about being a dog mom? 
He loves me in every situation and he follows me around where ever I go.
What does your chihuahua need your help with the most?
Walking up and down stairs as he is so tiny!
Do you take him everywhere with you because he is so tiny? If it is possible I take him with me to restaurants and shopping.
What is a typical day like for him?
He sleeps until I am home from university and after we go out for a long walk together. In the evening he sleeps on the couch or in my bed.
My dog is my best friend because... he is a part of my life, but for him I am his life. Herkules is wearing the Hipster pup in xxxs