Dea & Jamon The Pig

The oinkylicious Jamon photographed by @edueuka

Our Latest Pet Crush:  Dea Mendes & Jamon The Pig

Social Media Fame: Instagram: @jamonthepig and

Nicknames: Jammy

Describe your Pig in 3 words.. Jamon is amorous, calm and glutton

Tell us a fun Story about Jamon:

One day I get home from work and heard a strange noise in the kitchen, I called for Jamon and nobody answered, when I get into the kitchen I saw Jamon inside the fridge having a big party in the vegetables drawer! We decided to it was time to change the fridge.

What’s the cutest thing your gorgeous piggy does? 
One awesome thing is that all pigs adore belly rubs! They love it and when you start to do it they just freeze and in seconds they are on the ground with their belly up! Another thing that I love is his kisses on my cheek it’s so cute.
Jamon's Main personality traits?
He is very happy and loves to show affection and to receive it too.  He is a great  companion.
What does Jamon love the most? Sleep, eating and belly hubs.
Describe your pigs typical day..
Jamon sleeps until 8am everyday, once he is awake he has a great breakfast and a walk in the yard, after that he goes back to his bed and takes a nap because eating and walking is sooooo exhausting. Then in the middle of the morning he and his brother Nero eat a snack and play on the yard a little more. They lay down in the sun and stay there until lunch.  At 12:30pm he eats his lunch and goes back into the yard to play more. In the middle of the afternoon he starts to get excited because it’s snack time. Then at 4pm we start our daily walk through our neighbourhood, everybody stops Jamon and his brother Nero to give them some attention and to take some pictures. We walk for at least 1 hour or more depending upon the weather and his mood. We stay a lot of time in a square where the kids love to play with him. After the walk he goes directly to his bed to rest until dinnertime. At 8pm it’s time for dinner he eats and goes to sleep until the next day. 
Jamon The Pig 2
My piggy makes me smile when … I look at him
My piglet is my best friend because....he is with me in any kind of occasion good or bad and always gives me affection without asking for anything back … ok, only more food! 
Any advice for anyone wanting a pig as a pet? 
Before buying any pet it's important to do a lot of research to make sure that you are making the right decision. For some people he is just a pet, but for him, we are everything he has. Adopt or buy consciously. Pigs are not a regular pet and have many different behaviours and you have to be sure what you’re bringing to your life and to his. If you have any questions about raising a pig as a pet I’m more than happy to help you, write to me at