Murphy and Angel

Our latest pet crush:  Murphy and Angel

Social media fame: @murphandangel

The story: Love at first sight! I saw Murphy's photo online, and knew he was the one! A week later I was greeting him as he was carried from the plane. Ever since we have been best buds! Angel has been my sidekick for 8 years. After responding to an ad in the paper, little 2 lb 8 wk old Angel was brought into my life!

Breed: Murphy is a soft coated Wheaten Terrier and Angel is a Shih tzu

Colour of Fur: Murphy is wheaten coloured and Angel's fur is black and white

Describe your pooches in 3 words..

Angel: sassy, adorable, and diva. Murphy: goofy, happy, and loving.

Do your two pooches have any favorite tricks?

Angel loves dancing! Murphy can do Bang! And also high five!

Tell us a quirky story about your pups:

when Murphy was a puppy, I used to take him into stores and restaurants in my purse! No one ever knew! Sadly, that only lasted for two weeks as he grew to big!Angel still gets to enjoy this naughty pleasure though!

What’s the cutest thing your dogs do?  

Murphy LOVES television! Any show he will sit and watch for hours! Even the news!

Do you dogs have any favourite hobbies?

 Murphy: TV and therapy work Angel: PEOPLE!

Describe your  pooches typical day..

Angels day consists of nap. Nap. Nap. Nap. Eat. Potty. Nap. PEOPLE. Nap. Nap.

Murphy: nap. TV. Nap. Food. Fetch. Walk. Therapy work. Training.

Finish this sentence. My dogs makes me smile when they are themselves!