Der and Xoe

Best Friends: Der and Xoe

Your Social Media Fame: 

Instagram: @derthecat  |  Facebook:  |  Twitter: @DerTheCat   Snapchat: Derthecat | Blog:

Nicknames: “Walter”, “Derp Lord”, “You!”, Get Down!”, “No!”, “CommanDER of the Purr Bellies Commandos” (#PurrBelliesCommandos) and “Quit Peeing in the Sink”.

Breed/Color: Seal Point Exotic Shorthair

How old is Der? I am 3 human years old- this year. That’s about 27 in cat years to you. I’m in my prime- I should be a model. Wait, I am!

Can you tell us the story on how you first met? 

Xoe and her family were at a Cat Show to adopt a cat that was retiring from showing and breeding. They had made arrangements for adoption before they came. The cat show lady forgot to bring in the cat, so they walked around the cat show looking in all of the cages. I was in my cage with my siblings. Somehow I managed to get their attention with my little tongue and history was made.

Instagram fame. @derthecat can you tell us a bit about your feed! Do you love the attention?

Oh Yeah. I love the attention. I live for it. In fact, I will not even look at the humans unless they have some sort of camera device in their hands.. When they do-  I look straight  into their souls and give them orders. “neccccckkkk bling.. ” You know what I am getting at… It’s captured on Instagram pretty heavily. Actually, that is how I acquired this nifty collar.

More recently, I have attained leadership command over the Purr Bellies Commandos of Instagram. My feline infiltrates are slowly popping up on Instagram. We all have special abilities. Mine: Mind control with my facial appendage, the tongue. Our latest objective: Overthrow the llamas.

Der has one of the most unique faces we think he's adorable! What makes him so special to you?

Are you talking about that tongue again? Are you mocking me?

Can you tell us about any events Der has been to and his adventures!

A recent enjoyable event was when I entertained the  Animal Planet Camera/Sound Crew and producers while they filmed at my home for the show America’s Next Cat Star.

I do make celebrity appearances; I try to make sure that some non -profit makes some fundage out of my presence.

Lastly, let’s note the Llama Cat War of the century is currently happening on Instagram.

What is a typical day like for Der?

Let’s review some daily happenings from this last week:

In the mornings, when the humans make coffee, I like to use them like ramps. I climb them to access the counters. They let me, so why not?

Xoe is a soccer player and often juggles the ball in the house. While she is at it, I like to casually push the nearest breakable off the counter. Yes, I break things and point my lovely tongue at her. She takes the blame every time.

My homeland is inhabited with these camelids that they disgustingly call Llamas. I sit in my window all day long and try to mind meld these llamas. They do not have big enough brains to receive my transmittals.

I thoroughly enjoy inserting nose marks on windows. And for kicks and giggles I will toss in a sporadic “sprint & slide” where I can hit wall and limp away..

Der, what's the best thing about your life?  I would say the best part of my life is knowing that no matter how bad a$$ I am, Xoe will always love me. I have her trained, I guess…

Xoe is my best friend because…. On a cold night, I can climb under the covers with her and she turns on her “body heat” for me. That is a pretty awesome feature to have in a BFF. She never complains when I pee in her sink. I am always thinking of ways to make her life easier… She can “flush” the sink easier than “flushing” a shoe or a couch cushion.. I let her dress me in clothing, as long as we can twin out. You really should check out our social media photos and see some of our amazing accessorizing skills.

Der and Xoe are wearing The Lap Cat FriendshipCollar