Steph & Little Enzo

Best friends: Steph & Little Enzo 

How long have you been friends? 

Enzo and I haven't been friends for very long, but it feels like we've been together for a life time! I will never forget the first time I met him...It was August 22, 2015 and I couldn't have been any more nervous on my way to meet the little guy. The second I laid eyes on him, I felt tranquility and peace. Nothing else mattered around me, there was only him and I. As I held him in my arms he immediately snuggled in my chest, started sniffing my neck, and gently licked my cheek. It was undeniable that he felt comfort in my arms, and I felt nothing more than love. On August 23, Enzo officially became my partner in crime and best friend. We've been inseparable ever since.

What is life like with Enzo?

 As I reflect on this question, I immediately think about what would life be without him. One thing's for sure, life wouldn't be as bright. He's the reason I smile everyday (even when he's not around), and the reason I am able to call my house a home. What is life like with Enzo? It's perfect.

What is his favourite past time? 

If Enzo had to choose among his favourite things to do, he would probably choose cuddling any day!

What is the craziest or cutest thing that he has ever done? 

There was this one night were he was feeling extra cuddly, and he began to creep slowly from his side of the bed to mine. I think he thought I wouldn't notice, but he ended up cuddling all the way up to my face and literally fell asleep on top of my head! Of course I let him, because that's what best friends are for!

Little Enzo is such a handsome pooch! Does he always enjoy posing for pictures?

He does enjoy posing for pictures! I've been photographing Enzo since he was just a month and 3 weeks old, so I feel that every time I pull out my camera he automatically poses! He's definitely a little poser, but sometimes I have to pull out the big guns... TREATS!

What is life like for you and Enzo does he come to work with you? Where has he been?

Unfortunately he does not go to work with me, but I always go home at noon to have lunch and play with him for a little while in our backyard! Thankfully, I have full support from Enzo's grandparents, who take care of him during the afternoon while I'm at work.

He literally goes wherever I go, whether it is shopping, exercising, or even going to family/friends' houses for get togethers. Everyone enjoys Enzo's presence and company, so I like to take him to as many places as possible! He hasn't travelled with me yet, but let me take this opportunity to announce that we will be travelling to Miami in March for a meet and greet!

Tell us a bit about his Instagram! @littleenzo_the_frenchie How did it start? Has he made new friends via social media?

 Initially I started Enzo's Instagram account as a way to channel my creativity, sense of humor, style, and love for photography. But, as time went by I realized that what I was doing for myself was actually bringing happiness and opportunities to my IG community. Thanks to the creation of @littleenzo_the_frenchie, I am able to inspire people from all parts of the world every day. And this is an achievement I'm really proud of.

Also, thanks to the account, Enzo and I have been able to create indescribably special friendships in a matter of 4 months! So much so, that I am proud to be able to call them family.

Enzo is my best friend because...when the rest of the world turns its back on me, I know he will always be there.