Devon & Fitz


♡ How did you meet?

I flew all the way to Rochester, NY to get him. It was love at first sight. 😍 At the time we were living in Nashville, TN so it was a day full of travel but totally worth it!

♡ Your bestie’s age, and breed?

Fitz is a 2 1/2 year old French Bulldog. 

♡ How did you come up with his name?

We were very close to naming him Pierre… but as soon as I met him the name Fitzgerald just was meant to be! 💕

♡ Does your bestie have a funny nickname?

Fitz has a ton of nicknames but one of the ones we use the most is “bunny bread” – no idea why we call him that!

♡ Can you tell us a little about Fitz?

Fitz is CRAZY. He can make anyone laugh with his facials expressions! 🤪 You always know what kind of mood Fitz is in.

♡What’s your favorite activity to do together?

Our favorite thing to do together is hike. We recently moved to Los Angeles and there are so many cool spots to hike so most mornings you can catch us on the trails! 

♡ Does he like being on the water?

Yes! Usually Fitz sprints into the water and then rolls in the sand until his face is covered and then he pouts until he is dry and it all falls off!

♡ What’s the strangest thing your dog has eaten?

He hasn’t eaten anything super strange because I’m very picky about what we give him but he does have an obsession with trying to chew up coasters. Like the ones you set your glass on. He will apparently get on to the table for them!

♡ What’s your dog’s favorite game?

His favorite game is when he meets someone new he will get really excited and go find his favorite toy and bump it on their leg until they throw it for him. 😂

♡ What does your dog do that always make you smile?

Everything he does makes me smile! He is such a pal. He’s either passed out snoring on me or zooming all over the house. There is no in between with Fitz!

♡ Does your dog love being dressed up?

He likes putting on his harness because he knows we are going somewhere but he’s not super crazy about clothes unless he is cold. Then he likes to snuggle up in a sweater. 

♡ How does your bestie greet you when you arrive home?

Fitz goes crazy when I get home. Or when anyone comes home for that matter. He wiggles all over and runs to get his favorite toy to show off. 

♡ How does he react when you’re going on an adventure?

When we are going on an adventure he definitely knows because he will be right under my feet and then go stand by his harness.

♡ Have you taken him on a vacation? 

Fitz has never stayed a night away from us. So far he has gone with us on all of our vacations! 🥰

♡ What are your top tips for being the best dog mom?

Enjoy your sweet pal! At first when I got Fitz I was so obsessed with wanting him to be perfectly trained (yes training is important) but sometimes Fitz messes up and eats a coaster or wets the bed. It’s very rare but even when he does it’s easy to be frustrated. Just gotta remember accidents happen! He’s still the best! 😃