Tamlyn, Gus & Tucker

By @wild_run_farms

The Story of Gus and Tucker! 

This all started 18 years ago with our first set of brothers Forrest and Bubba! Our first babies! We could not imagine a life without our boys but time is the enemy with our furry friends and Forrest crossed the rainbow bridge 3 years after his brother at 16 1/2 years old. Our world came crashing down around us. The house was not the same. We knew we needed furry faces in our home. So of course I took to the internet to find a new set of brothers to continue the legacy! Little did I know how our story would turn out! 

Finding the Breeder

Many days and much research later I came across a breeder in North Carolina. My heart stopped in my throat. The sire of the litters name was “Forrest Gump Host of Angels”. My boys were giving me a sign it was ok to move on.

I was in an extremely emotional state and called up the breeder.  Thank goodness she understood my loss and my conversation with lots of crying mixed in! Well of course there were no spots open. She is a very well respected breeder. But she promised to put me on the wait list..

The Best News Ever!

Whatever I had said to her must have pulled at her heart strings. She called up a family that was “just not ready” to make the commitment and we were on the list!!!! But that was for one puppy and she knew we had our heart set on brothers.

Our sweet pups were born a few weeks later. At this point we knew we had one boy! A few weeks later the breeder calls me and says, “well you must have angels above!! There was another boy available!” I could not believe the blessing we received with this news! We were getting our brothers! 

Gus and Tucker are the best of friends, the greatest companions and the light of our lives. They travel and adventure with us! And at 8 months old we gave them the ultimate adventure with a cross country Airstream road trip! Playing in the sand dunes of White Sands National Park to sliding down snowy banks in the mountains of Utah! 

We are now settled on our farm in California and they have become the ultimate farm pups living their best lives!