Diana & Yuki

Best friends: Diana & Yuki


♡ How old is Yuki?

Yuki is going to turn 4 years old on October 31. Yup, she was born on HaLlOwEen. Muahaha

♡ How did you become best friends?

I never had a dog growing up and the moment I moved in with my, now, husband I literally begged him for a dog. My husband and I decided it was the right time for a pooch in our life. We searched for best husky breeders. And one day I came across this breeder in North Carolina and they had a litter of beautiful huskies. As I scrolled through the puppies I saw YUKI and my heart melted that moment. I knew, deep inside, she needs to be with me.

From the day we picked her up at the airport my life changed forever. She was so tiny and cute. I cried so much as I held this little baby husky in my arms, a feeling I will never forget. She was not an easy pup, but she is the best for me. I trained her every day and that special bond from training, loving and discipline will never be broken. She has a very funny personality and even during the worst of days, she cracks me up. 

♡ Why did you pick the Scaled Back FriendshipCollar?

I absolutely love the design and concept. It looks very luxurious and expensive like wearing Chanel, but Vegan friendly and nicely made.

♡ If your dog could talk, what would you ask Yuki?

Haha this is a good one, because she talks too much. She can have full on conversation sometimes and we just laugh and wonder what she really wants. We think she just likes to complain that we are not playing or feeding her haha. I would ask her if she wants another sister. I would love her to have a little sister to play with, I just wonder how she would be with another dog in the house. She would probably be totally bossy.

♡ What is a typical day like for you both?

I enjoying waking up early and going for a jog, Yuki grudgingly comes along and likes to complain while running. But she likes to see her neighborhood buddies and say hello. After I feed her we head to the coffee shop or run errands. I like to take her anywhere I can. I love DIY home projects so we like to go to Home Depot and just walk around and get ideas together. She loves meeting other people more than other dogs. Then I go to work and she lays in the sofa or in the kitchen on the cold floor.

When I'm back I give her a long walk and then she has her dinner. After dinner we brush teeth then go to cuddle by the TV. She is not a big cuddler, I think it's husky thing, they get hot so she lays on cold hardwood floor. Yuki loves to talk a lot and I mean a lot like Mishka. She will drag out her toys, one after another, until you play tug of war with her.

♡ Can you share any funny stories?

Oh there are so many. One of the more memorable ones, is probably when she ate all the cookies from the table. I like making homemade treats and cookies for her whenever I get a chance. One day I made a big batch of cookies(30-40) and left them on top of the kitchen table. I left to work and when I came back, there were just few left on the plate. I confronted Yuki with the nearly empty plate in her face and oh how guilty she was. She went to the different room and didn't come out. She knew exactly what she did. I got the whole event on video, priceless. 

I love my Yuki, because... she is all I ever wanted since I was a little girl.

Life with a pooch is... endless happiness.

Yuki is rocking Scaled Back from our Boutique Collection.