Litha & Mr Pokee

Best friends: Litha & Mr Pokee

♡ What made you get a hedgehog?

The cuteness. :) One day my boyfriend sent me an incredibly cute GIF of a hedgehog enjoying belly rubs and slowly sticking out its little hands and feet. I was literally dying of cuteness. I googled and found out about pet hedgehogs, studied about 10 different pages of hedgehog information, then looked for a breeder and chose Pokee - all on the same day.

♡ How old is Mr.Pokee?

1.5 years

♡ What does he eat?

Mainly dry cat food (with a proportion of mean >50%) and all kinds of insects (meal worms are his favorite!)

♡ What is the cutest thing he does?

He hides in my hair. It’s also super cute when he is getting belly rubs, because at first he is mostly curled up in a ball and then slowly relaxes and gets more and more comfortable until he almost falls asleep.

♡ Can you tell us any fun stories about his life?

Pokee is super curious and really wants to be an adventurer, but sometimes he’s just a little too clumsy. He often tries to climb up things, e.g. get up the mattress and then falls down, because he can’t hold himself up or slips and falls over. I always have to be around to catch him.

♡ Do you have any other pet's?

No. We used to have cats and a husky when I was younger.

♡ What made you start your Instagram account for Pokee?

I started Pokee’s Instagram when I had all these cute photos on my phone. I thought it was a bit sad not to share them. The world should know how cute he was and I thought since he was already able to make me so happy, why not share this happiness. So I randomly started to upload photos with short captions. That’s basically how it all started.

♡ Your pictures put a huge smile on our faces, especially Pokee in an Ice Cream cone! Can you tell us how long these shoots take and where you get your inspiration?

The shoots don’t take too long, I mostly take a series of photos and just hold the home button for a few seconds and then choose the best ones later. That way I’m able to capture the moment best. I mainly get inspired by everyday things. I randomly see something and just think, “Oh, how cute would Pokee look in this .. “ coffee cup or so. :) I think I might take a photo with a pumpkin next!

♡ What is the nicest thing people have said about Mr.Pokee?

“I’m honestly so happy I found this account. Makes my day a bit better every time”“You’re the best hedgehog in the world. I love you, you’re wonderful.”“Never seen something so cute!”“The cutest thing I could see in the morning right now!”“Mr.Pokee you are so cute it is unreal!!”I love it most when people tell me.. Pokee makes them smile or makes their days better.

♡ If Mr.Pokee could talk, what would he say?

Probably something like this, “Human, I want more meal worms!” or “No, don’t stop, one hour of belly rubs isn’t enough.Mr Pokee is wearing The Mucky Pup from our Friendship Collection.