Dion & Gobi

Best friends: Dion & Gobi

♡ Can you tell us your story?

Finding Gobi is the incredible true story of when Gobi and I met during a 155 mile, 6 stage, 7 day ultra marathon across the Gobi Desert in China. Gobi and I formed an unbreakable bond during the race and during it I made her a promise that I was going to ‘bring Gobi home’ with me! This was the start of a rollercoaster ride as Gobi went missing in the city of Urumqi with over 3 million people in it. I just had to find her. I wrote this book to tell Gobi's story and our incredible journey back home to Edinburgh.

♡ We heard that Gobi is such a fast runner and she has the same fighting spirit as the competitors too. What was it like having Gobi as your running mate?

For a little dog Gobi has a big heart. Not only is Gobi incredibly quick but she has the ability to run and run and run and watching her in the tough inhospitable Gobi desert inspired me to continue running when times were tough.

♡ Does she still run with you now?

Absolutely, Gobi loves to hit the trails and run around the Edinburgh hills. Gobi comes alive as soon as I put on my sneakers she gets so excited and she knows another adventure is about to begin.

♡ Your incredible story of friendship is really life changing. Can you tell us more about your friendship?

Finding Gobi was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but her finding me was one of the best. Having Gobi in my life completes me and she has changed me in so many ways.

♡ What is her favourite thing to do at home?

Gobi has settled in so well to her new life in Edinburgh and her new cat sister Lara and her are best of friends. Watching them together can be like watching an episode of Tom and Jerry at times but they love to also sleep next to each other and relax together.

♡ Have you been on any more fun adventures together? Has Gobi travelled more of the world with you?

Gobi has had an incredible journey so far racking up 2 passports and traveling 5,000 miles to her new home. We have an exciting few months coming up with the Finding Gobi book tour in the U.S and Canada in June.

♡ Your story with Gobi has really captured the hearts of many people around the world. A lot are excited too on the release of your book this coming June! Can you tell us more about this book and what inspired you to share your story with us?

Finding Gobi is a heartwarming tale of love, intrigue, drama, despair and joy that shows the world coming together to help a man and his best friend. It’s a book not only for dog lovers but runners, travel enthusiasts and anyone who loves a feel good story.Writing the book is a great way to use Gobi’s voice to help other stray, rescue dogs or animals in need. Even if it encourages one person to go to their local shelter and rescue a stray then that’s a wonderful outcome.

♡ Do you have any upcoming projects or campaigns that we can look forward to?

We are really excited about our children’s picture book due for release in August. It’s a beautiful book written from Gobi’s point of view in the desert and the drawings in it are incredible. We also have a movie option with 20th Century Fox and can’t wait to see Gobi on the big screen in the future.

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

FriendshipCollars are the perfect way to show the connection of love between dog and human. FC resonates with our own story of Finding Gobi and the unbreakable friendship and bond that was formed in the most unlikely of places.

♡ If you could ask Gobi one thing and you knew she could answer, what would it be?

Why me?

♡ Can you share a secret about Gobi that no one else knows! :)

Gobi loves to sleep and when she does she dreams of chasing squirrels. Her legs twitch and she snores in a very funny rhythm.