Gina & Mallow

Best friends: Gina & Mallow

♡ How old is Mallow?

2.5 years old. Such a teenager!

♡ How did you get Mallow?

When I was living in Orlando during college, I was so in love with French Bulldogs and couldn't wait to have one of my own. I searched everywhere and when I finally found mallow, she wasn't even interested in me. I think that's why I wanted her so badly. She was so independent, so cute, and such a funny little dog. She was perfectly white with a tiny brown little nose. On top it looked like a burnt marshmallow. Plus her attitude was so calm and mellow. For those two reasons, her name came about: Mallow!

♡ What is the craziest thing Mallow does/has ever done?

The craziest thing Mallow does is dig holes in my bed sheets! Many a set we've had to throw out. RIP. She rolls her head around and then quickly digs with her paws. Such a little menace!

♡ We love your Instagram! Is Mallow always happy to be photographed?

Thanks! Mallow actually loves her picture taken. She's so good about photo shoots and knows when the camera is out. She will immediately smile and turn her head to the side like a total ham! Everybody wonders if she's cooperative and she really is!

♡ It looks like Mallow loves hanging at the dog park and chilling at the beach! Can you tell us about some of your adventures?

Mallow really does love hanging with other dogs. She also loves getting her paws wet and sandy at the beach! Most of our adventures are out at an island in Miami where Mallow totally takes over. She grabs coconuts and chews them up, hops in the salt water up to her neck and wades around, and chases her big sister around the whole property. She also loves the boat rides to and from the island, where her ears and jowls flap in the wind. She's great anywhere really; Mallow loves boat rides, long car rides, and hopefully soon- plane rides!

♡ If Mallow could talk what would she say/what would you ask her?

I would definitely just talk to her all day about anything and everything. She's my best friend as it is and I'm sure talking would only bring us much closer! From her end, she would definitely just hit me with as much sass as possible. You can see the expression on her face all the time as she just looks at me like I've lost my mind/throws shade/disapproves of every move I make. Such a sassy little creature and I love every bit of her!

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

The FriendshipCollar is so fun for us because we really are such a duo. The mother daughter thing is no joke, as I take Mallow absolutely everywhere with me. If I'm ever out without her, people always ask where she is! Having the collar to match the bracelet is so fun and cute and just unites us on the outside. The cute factor is our favorite part about FriendshipCollar and it really goes with any outfit or activity.

Mallow makes my life... Happy, fun, carefree, open, and BUSY!