Dog Moms are the Tops!

Being the mom of a furry four legs is (insert Jean Ralphio voice) 🎶 The Beeeeest! 🎶 So, in all honesty, picking JUST the best 5 things about being a pup parent is super hard – so we bent the rules a bit 😶

Submitted for your consideration, the Top 5 Best Things About Being a Dog Mom AND The Top 5 Reasons Your Fur Baby Loves You!

Top 5 Best Things About Being a Dog Mom

1. Someone is always happy to see you when you come home. We’re talking tails a-waggin’, feet a-patterin’, noses a-sniffin’ and happy squealy noises galore!

2. Soft fuzzy heaters in the wintertime that are also filled with love!

3. A cute photo op always. Insta, Facebook, your Bumble profile – your pup makes them all, let’s admit it, 1,000x better.

4. Built-in ability to cancel plans at any time. Regretting saying you’d swing by that party? Welp, lucky for you, you can say you’ve gotta stay in and hang with your bestie – because they need you!

5. All. The. L.O.V.E and Friendship 😍


The Top 5 Reasons Your Fur Baby Loves You

1. Let’s get it out in the open to start: You’re a big ol’ food 🍕giving machine to them.

2. You are their source of comfort. For every big scary thunderstorm, for every 4th of July fireworks nightmare – you’re there for them and they know it.

3. You share a secret language with them. Think of it as a less sophisticated Spanglish – part English, part woofs, part nonsense and baby talk – you meet each other halfway and your dog thinks it’s pretty cool there’s always one human who will understand them.

4. You know how to play all the coolest games! Tug and chase and squirrel and that weird circle run thing they wanna do!

5. All. The. Friendship. And. LOVE. 😍




You’ve got a built-in fashionable friend! Like Cher & Dionne 👯‍♀️ in Clueless or The Plastics, you and your bestie can always match in style! (And that is SO fetch!)

What is the best thing about being a pet mama to your fur baby? Let us know!