Dogs & Donuts

Dogs & Donuts 🍩

Arty fun, bright colorful donuts have been popping up on our Insta feed for months, and we have been literally doggy drooling over them. We know it’s not national donut day, nor is it our birthday, but donuts really donut need to be just for special occasions!

Fun Facts:

During the build up to launching our “Donut Leave Me” design our team ate over 100 donuts all in the name of research, we think! We consumed thousands of calories, just for you, to ensure that the design was the yummiest it could be! We donut think there is anything better than dogs and donuts!

Donut Worry…!

We donut know how, but we came up with 40 Donut Puns! (Check our Facebook feed this month for some of the silliest ones yet!) We donut know what we will do when we donut need to think about donuts anymore!

Our dogs beat some world records!

Our besties also got their teeth on lots of doggy donuts too. The Guinness World record for doughnut eating by a human is held by John Haight, who consumed 29 donuts in just over 6 minutes. This sounds pretty impressive, but we bet if you left a box of 30 donuts in a room unattended, your bestie would manage to work their way through them in under 6 minutes!
We donut suggest you try this at home! Trust us they will get the zoomies!

Many donuts were eaten without so much as one bite! Our dogs seemed to try and gulp them down (If no one sees you eat it, then it doesn’t count!) If you don’t believe us check out these cuties caught in action!

Apparently sharing is not caring!

Sprinkle Snouts: Sprinkles + Snouts = Disaster!

Sprinkles do not, we repeat, donut stick to dog’s snouts. Honestly grab your camera, some sprinkles and have some fun! Schmidt shows us how it’s done below:

Schmitt: 1
FriendshipCollar: 0

Expectation VS Reality #SprinkleSnouts

Our puppers lusted after our sugary treats! Their eyes were always on the prize! Guarding them, licking them,and showing us their huge puppy dog eyes that we just couldn’t resist!

Dogs really do love donuts!

We all tried to figure out the real reason why there is a hole in the middle of a donut…

Britta thought that it’s so you can see your dog through the hole!

So that’s what the hole is for!

Hugo and Ursula thought that they make some very spectacular glasses!

I donut know how you can see without them!

Loki got his paws sugary baking up some doggy friendly donuts. So the FriendshipCollar Barkery was finally open for business. To bake your own delicious treats click here for the recipe. Your besties will thank you!


Bouli didn’t care as long as he could get his paws on them!

We also found the prettiest pastel ombre donuts in the world!

Almost too pretty to eat. (Almost!)

It’s a balancing act!

We found out that dogs can indeed balance two donuts on their heads… but they did eat them when they fell. Can your dog balance donuts?

We realized much like Marnie, that donuts are so yummy you will want to cover your whole body in them. Although we suggest wearing your Donut Leave Me FriendshipCollar instead, (Less sticky, more stylish!) After all we can’t think of anything cuter than dogs and donuts!

Marnie the dog knows how to indulge!