Toto & Britta

Instagram: @totolino_16

Best Friends: Toto & Britta

♡ Tell us about your bestie!

Toto is a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He’s always happy and makes everyone smile 🙂

He likes food, belly rubs, and cuddles. His favorite food is whipped cream 😛

♡ What is something silly that Toto does?

He is a cheeky guy and he is always doing funny things to make me laugh. He loves to hide under the bed or under the bedcovers!

His favorite trick is sitting pretty with his front paws up – he’s a real poser!

♡ What do you think about the limited edition collar, Donut Leave Me?

We just LOVE the new design Donut Leave Me, because it is cute, tasty 😋 and it is PINK!
Pink is the happiest color!

♡ How does your dog make you feel whole?

My dog is my best friend, he always makes me smile and cheers me up when I am feeling sad.
Seeing him happy makes me so happy! 😁

♡ Which do you love more? Dogs or Donuts!

Dogs! But much better is Dogs WITH Donuts!!

♡ Finish these sentences:

My dog hates when I leave them so much that he… always makes the cutest puppy eyes so I won´t leave him!

My bestie sprinkles me with… happiness!

Donuts are the best because… they are the fanciest dessert! They are colorful, yummy and sweet! 🍩🍩

Donut Worry, Be… friends or happy! Or both!