Ebba & Roma


We just adore seeing cats matching their besties. Today's cat-mom is Ebba and her adorable cat is Roma. We wanted to hear a bit more about what it's like having a cat for a BFF!


Your cat's name, age, and breed!

Roma, she's 2 years old, she will be 3 in February. Roma is a mix (domestic short-haired) kitty! 

How did you and Roma become friends? 

We adopted Roma from an unfit home when she was only 4-5 weeks (although her age was just guessed by the vet).

Have you always wanted a cat? 

I love animals and would never want to live without one so when I moved to a different country, Roma was a safe place for me ❤️

What would you say are the most essential things to prepare, for anyone who is about to become a first time kitty cat mom?

The right food is impawtant. If possible the same food your new cat has been eating before you got them. Then I would suggest that you slowly change to the food to one which you would prefer to give them if possible. As it's important that they adjust slowly to new things. I prepared by making sure that the little box was all set up. That she had a blanket that smelt of home, some toys and also a transport box or bag. This can also become your kitten's safe place when entering their new home. These are all things a little kitten would probably appreciate.

What does your cat do that always makes you smile? 

Roma always makes me smile, I love everything from when she goes crazy and runs all over the house to  when she gives sweet kitty cuddles  ❤️

What's the naughtiest thing she has ever done?

If I have a bag of kitty treats lying around she takes them and runs away with the bag to hide it somewhere where she hopes I can’t reach it! She also looooooves to ruin my plants.

Does Roma know any tricks? 

Roma doesn’t know any tricks she just does everything the way she wants to do it!

Does your cat hate anything?

Roma doesn’t like going to the vet and when we go she stays as close as possible to me to try to avoid the veterinary.

Where does she sleep?

Roma sleeps with me in my bed.

Can you share an amazing experience you had with your bestie?

Me and Roma travelled together from England to Sweden (3 flights) ✈️ I always want to be with her!

The best thing about having Roma is?

She is such a sweet cat and always waits for me at the door when I get home. I love my life with her! 

Roma is wearing Mr Purrfect FriendshipCollar.