Meghan & Wilson

This cutie is Wilson! His bond with his BFF Meghan had us feeling all warm and fuzzy so we are excited to share more their friendships! We hope that you love hearing all about his life and all the reasons why dogs really make the ultimate best friend!

Tell us a little bit about Wilson. How did get him!

I found Wilson online when he was only 3 weeks old and I instantly fell in love. My husband and I drove 16 hours to go pick him up when he was 9 weeks old and while it was crazy and stressful we’d absolutely do it again for another pup as great as Wilson!

Any fun tricks he loves to show?

His favorite tricks are by far spin and sit pretty! Sometimes when he meets a new person he really likes he will sit pretty for them without being asked- usually repeatedly until he is showered in attention by everyone in the room haha!

What is his favorite thing to do during the summer?

He absolutely loves to go to the beach, jump off of docks, and play in the sprinkler. He is definitely a water dog! If he could play in the water every day in the summer he would be the happiest dog around.

What is your dog's favorite game?

Wilson, like a lot of Border Collies, is obsessed with fetch. He will fetch just about anything, but his favorite thing to play fetch with a frisbee. He loves how far they go!

Does your dog like going to the vet?

Going to the vet is a party for Wilson. We went every single week when he was a puppy and so he loves the staff there, he loves making friends with all the pups, and he, of course, loves all the treats they give him!

What's the naughtiest thing your dog has done?

When he was about 14 weeks old he somehow got out of his crate around 2:00 am one night. We woke up to his struggling to get on the bed after he ripped not one, but two, towels to shreds!

Does your dog love being on the water?

Loves it more than anything! Sometimes we think he’s more fish than a dog.

Where does your dog sleep?

Right now he sleeps in his crate every night, but we are hoping to transition him to sleeping in our bed now that he is reliably potty trained!

Do you have a silly name for your dog?

We have about a million haha! Doof, Doof-Floof, “Guadalajara, Chubs for short” (no clue how that one started but when we don’t want people distracting him while training in public we tell them that is his name haha!), Mr. Wilson, and Wilson The Dog (when he’s in trouble) are our favorites! 

Any tips in getting your bestie's perfect pic?

Always have a toy or a treat, but if you’re in a pinch without one of those make the weirdest noises you can haha!

Have you ever traveled together?

Besides when we first got him, not really!  

Does your dog like to play with other people or with other dogs?

While he adores people, he will always pick to play with a dog over a person! Especially little dogs like dachshunds or shih tzus! He’s a bit more timid around large dogs that bark a lot but after he warms up to them he loves them as well!

What does your dog do that always makes you smile?

When he wants attention he will find a way to get it, one way being that he will shove himself close to you anyway he can. This could mean going between your legs if you’re standing, shoving his head through your arms while you’re typing on your computer, or throwing himself onto your lap. 

Have you ever been away from each other for a period of time? Tell us about it!

We left Wilson for a week when he was 6 months old to go on a cruise to Mexico. I’m home with him 24/7 so it was very tough on me to leave him. It was hard not to know what was going on with him or how he was doing! However, he was in trusted hands while we were gone so everything was just fine while we were gone! We have a couple more cruises lined up- one that is 13 days- so I’m sure we will get better at leaving him over time!

Any top tips for being the best dog mom?

Be patient, go at your dog's pace, and figure out what they truly love. Their lives aren’t nearly as long as we wish they were so it’s up to us to fill their years with everything they love.

How does your dog greet you when you arrive home?

He’s a pretty calm dog overall so when we get home he usually just wants to smother us in kisses and pushes into us for cuddles.

What's your dog's telltale sign that you're going on an adventure?

He knows as soon as he sees his life jacket comes out that his day is going to be fantastic! He knows that the leash could mean anything from a basic walk to a day at the street fair so he doesn’t tend to get super excited when we bring the leash out.

Can you share an amazing experience you had with your dog?

While the situation itself is a bit scary and sad, it was truly such a bonding moment for us. When Wilson was a little puppy we had a hard time adjusting and figuring out how to love one another- some days I thought he didn’t like me at all! One night he got his foot stuck in the divider in his crate and he let out a huge scream (he was just scared, he wasn’t hurt in the slightest!) When I jumped down and opened the crate door he threw himself into my lap and refused to move. He pushed into me and wanted to be as close to me as possible. It was then that I realized that I was a comfort to him and that I made him feel safe. He didn’t dislike me, we were still learning how to communicate. It was quite possibly the first step in him and I truly bonding. 

The best thing about having Wilson as a best friend...

The best thing about having Wilson is having a best friend who’s love is truly unconditional. He brings so much light and love to not only my life but my marriage and my family. 

Wagging Wilson is wearing Pinacollarda!