Emily & Luna

♡ How old is your best friend?

Luna is 7 years old

♡ What makes your friendship irreplaceable?

Luna saves my life everyday, even simply laying next to me on the couch, her companionship and service dog tasks make my life completely different than it was before we rescued her. I am able to live with a freedom that I did not before.

♡ What is the one thing your bestie does that cheers you up and makes you smile each day?

Luna is getting on up there in age, but whenever she gets excited she bays her beagle bay and makes sure we all know she’s ready to go out or eat….

♡ What is life like for Luna?

Life for Luna is exciting. During the work week, she goes to daycare with her service dog trainer to stay up to date with her tasks. When I have class, she accompanies me to college, and works on campus. Luna is getting ready to retire, as she is almost 8. But, working is her favorite thing to do. On the weekends is when we have all of our adventures. I am in college to become a teacher, graduating in May! WHOO! But on the weekends, we hike, adventure, play at the dog parks, take pictures, and meet up with our best goldendoodle buddy!

On most weekends we either meet up with Indy the goldendoodle to train together in public or we go for a hike, enjoying the nature that Georgia offers! In whatever freetime we have, we work on our Bandana Line StellaLunaCompany on etsy. Luna is the best model and has helped our line grow.

♡ Can you tell us a bit more about how she became a Service dog.

Luna was rescued from PAWS Atlanta 6 years ago as a pet. As college became harder, my personal stress and anxiety heightened. Luna was a natural alerter and was able to tell me when panic attacks were about to happen, she’d wake me up from panic attacks that happened at night, and was more aware of my body than I was. My doctor gave me medication but suggested I work with a trainer to heighten and sculpt Luna’s tasks to help me even more.

Now Luna is able to accompany me to class and anywhere else I would need her to, but as she’s getting older, I have to be aware of her stamina and body condition. Just recently, she alerts to low blood sugar, we have been working with a trainer to accomplish that, and it has really put her hound nose to work, and she is AMAZING at it. It helps with my dizziness when my blood sugar falls unexpectedly.

♡ What is the best adventure you have both ever been on?

Luna & Indy travelled to Berry College in Georgia, we travelled all over campus, took pictures, hiked, and just had an AMAZING time. Check out our instagrams for the adventure pictures. @lunathewonderbeagle & @indythegoldendoodle

♡ If Luna could talk what would she say about her life!?

I would hope Luna would say that her life is ALL that she could hope for. She eats the best food, sleeps on the fluffiest beds, and she works 24/7 but is with her human. After spending months in the shelter with her mom, waiting to be adopted, and we finally brought them to the home they’ve always wanted! Having her instagram actually makes us get out and go on adventures even more than before! We love sharing the adventures and talking with our IGfamily!

♡ Can you tell us a crazy story about Luna!

While I was on mission in Africa, Luna and her mother escaped the backyard one rainy night. The day before I was to return home, my parents used my one phone call and told me that the dogs had escaped and were nowhere to be found. What a terrible thing to come home to. Once I got internet I emailed my mom on the way home, and she mentioned that Stella (Luna’s mom) had been found on the side of the road by a family friend, but my Luna was nowhere to be found.

A good samaritan who saw Stella’s body on the road saw Luna sitting next to her mom’s body guarding it. She opened her door whistled and said that Luna licked her moms ear and left her cold little body on the side of the road. The woman and Luna were waiting for us at the house when we got home from the airport. It was terrible to lose Stella and still breaks our heart everyday, but having Luna still with us was a gift that I am thankful for everyday.

Luna is my best friend because...Luna is my best friend because she is constant, loving, my sidekick and life would be unbearable without her.