Scooby & Tori

♡ How old is Scooby?

Scooby is one and a half.

♡ When did you become best friends?

When I first laid eyes on him, on his Gotcha Day! (November 16th to be exact!)

♡ Scooby always looks so happy! Can you tell us about his life, his loves and his adventures!

Scooby is one spoiled pup that's for sure! If he is not spending time on social media or blogging, he is modeling or affiliating for various pet companies, chewing on bones, attending a Corgi meet up, or exploring the outdoors!

♡ It looks like Scooby gets to experience everything with you, from shopping for groceries to scaling huge mountains! What is he like as a companion? Can you tell us more about his life!

Anytime he hears keys or sees you head to the door, he has to join! Car rides are one of his favorite things as well! He is always tagging along to sporting events such as baseball and soccer games, joining us for dinner at outdoor patios, attending meet ups with his online Corgi pals at dog parks, or trying out new places to explore and hike at! Regardless of his short little Corgi legs, it does not stop him from climbing mountains, or tackling beach waves!

Where is the craziest place he has ever been? Any secrets you can tell us about having a Corgi as a best bud?

The craziest place he has ever been would have to be over 4,000 feet in the air on top of a mountain, or riding the beach waves! We always take along his GoPro and strap it to his harness to capture the footage! Having a Corgi as a best bud is great, I did a lot of research into the breed before getting him, because I wanted a pup that did not get too big because being a College student required me to live in an apartment, but I wanted a dog with a great personality, and with a lot of energy to keep myself active and busy. They have the best personality, there is not a day that goes by that Scooby isn't making you laugh, by making a funny face or noise!

Life with Scooby by my side is... Always an adventure! He never fails to make me proud, because he is always learning new tricks, or winning some sort of contest! His happy face and our daily adventures out in beautiful nature has gotten him multiple news appearances already!

Scooby is my best friend because... We keep each other active, because we go on multiple walks and runs daily. He has also allowed me to make so many great friendships all thanks to his social media pages. It is so fun to get to go to Corgi meet ups and play dates and get to meet other celebrity pups!