Enzo & Carissa

Enzo is my best friend because... he's loyal and the best friend I could ever ask for! Being connected by our FriendshipCollar means that Enzo will be my friend for life no matter what, I can't imagine my life without him!

♡ How old is Enzo?

Enzo is a year and four months old, I've had him since he was 8 weeks old and he still has a lot of puppy in him!

♡ How did you become best friends?

I got Enzo for Christmas in 2014 from my boyfriend. He was the best surprise ever and we've been best friends ever since!

♡ Your Instagram made us laugh @ankle_biter_enzo! Can you tell us a little bit more about life with Enzo and his naughty antics!

Enzo is my very first Australian Cattle Dog, they are a lot to keep up with, with all that energy. He's been a troublemaker from the very beginning, one of his specialties besides herding younger kids and other dogs around is tearing things up. We keep him crated through out the day but he can still manage to pull in anything from on top or around his crate, and once he does that, it's a goner! He's gotten very good at doing that and he's torn up several expensive clothing items.

He also likes to get in the trash a lot when he's not being watched. If he can smell food, he will rip a hole in the trash bag and pull out EVERYTHING in there until he finds what he wants! So then I have a huge mess to clean up. He'll then look for something to totally destroy, like an entire shoebox. But once he's caught he gives the innocent eyes and I'm forgiving him! :) Some of Enzo's crazy antics are barking at the vacuum cleaner, remote controlled cars and anything else that is loud and moves!

♡ Can you tell us some fun things about Enzo! What is the craziest thing he has ever done?

We participate in agility and he loves it, but he gets very excited when I'm running next to him. We went to our state fair dog show and competed in advanced agility because we had been practicing with weave poles which he was quite good at. He ended up being so excited that every time he came toward me at the weave poles, he jumped as high as my chest and bit me! I wasn't upset but I thought it was funny how excited he gets! It's all about having fun!

The thing I love the most about him is how loyal he is, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. He wants to be there with me. His human dad, who is my fiancé now, joined the United States Marine Corps back in June 2015 and had to leave us behind. Enzo was so helpful and comforting! He always made me feel better when I couldn't talk or see my boyfriend during the time he was at boot camp.

♡ What is life with Enzo like?

Life with Enzo is crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way! He loves to be with me, he loves to play all the time, and loves to visit pet stores too! Any time we visit somewhere, he jumps on the counter expecting a treat of some sort!