Ali & Winnie

Winnie is my best friend because... She makes my heart explode when I look at her and I have a feeling she feels the same based on her reaction to us coming home from work.

Winnie makes me smile when... She's around. Or not around. Or I'm thinking of her. I am obsessed with this girl.

♡ How old is Winnie?

Just about 6 months old now

♡ When did you become besties?

I was pretty much was head over heels for her the first time I saw her picture. I didn't even think we were going to be able to get her it was such a dream come true.

♡ Can you tell us something we would never know about Winnie?

She hates the rain and getting wet in any way, shape, or form. Winnie is such a diva and will only go outside to do her business or go to the dog park.

♡ What is life like with a dalmatian puppy?

Polar opposites. Half the time she is running laps from the living room to the kitchen while jumping over every piece of furniture. The other half of the time she is a little grump. Winnie will cuddle up to you in the cutest way, but if you move under her she grumbles like a piglet. It's about 100% her parents lifestyle too.

♡ What does Winnie do that is adorable and makes you say ahhhh!!!

When she is waiting for us to play with her, she will sit and stare with her butt wiggling around because she is so excited. When you give in, her legs are a little launching pad and she leaps forward so fast her head flops back. It's so cute and hilarious!

♡ Your pictures are beautiful Winnie gives some great model poses! Is she a natural in front of the camera or a bit of a goofball?

Winnie is such a natural. We had some extended family visiting and they got to meet her for the first time so naturally they wanted to take a picture. The second she saw the phone coming out she went from pulling on her leash and jumping around to sitting and giving them her "good side". Needless to say our family was beside themselves. But behind the camera is a whole other story. Especially when she goes on play dates or sees her best friends (the dog trainers at the pet store). Then she is a nut job.

♡ What is the most exiting adventure you have ever been on?

Our latest adventure was up to the mountains to go play in the snow! Winnie was not exactly a fan but it was pretty cute watching her prance around in confusion as to why it was so cold. There's lots of hiking in our area so Winnie has a huge playground to discover.

♡ Can you give us a day in the life of Winnie!

She likes to wake up at 4am to go potty and eat breakfast. Then she cuddles with us until 8 or so. We get ready for the day, sometimes we'll go visit our families, sometimes we go out to coffee. Her play dates are at 2 so we take her to those and then we go to the dog park after. We come home and eat dinner together and then (if she's feeling up to it) we do obedience training or a little photoshoot. Around 7 is when she gets into cuddle mode or goes to sleep.

♡ If Winnie could do one thing all day, what would it be?

There would be an infinite pile of dirty socks she could bring to us. She loves finding socks in the clothes hamper and bringing them to us wherever we are.Winnie is the best at modeling & finding socks.