Erell & Wapi

Our latest pet crush: Erell & Wapi

What breed is Wapi? A little border collie!

How old is Wapi?

Wapi is almost 4 months, he was born on the 27th of May 2015

What is life like with Wapi?Wapi is almost 4 months, he was born on the 27th of May 2015

Can you tell us a funny story about Wapi?

Life is Wapi is pure joy and also cheekiness :) He loves to play, has a lot of energy and absolutely loves long walks in the forest and playing with Melba our Sharpei

How did you pick Wapi?

A lot of dog owners know this feeling, this felling that it will be him and not another, I saw him for the first time when he was 1 month old and he was the first of his brothers and sisters to come and see me, so when I saw his baby panda face I completely melted!

Wapi looks like a Panda! Does everyone tell you this?

Yes we often hear than he looks like a panda! Wapi 2-min

Do you have any other dogs?

Yes I also have Melba, a young Sharpei of 2 years old, she is adorable, very loveable, she accepted Wapi straight away.

Do they get on well? Do they do anything sweet together?

Yes they really do get on well. I would say the times when he licks Melba's nose/mouth to finish up all the crumbs- makes us laugh the most!

What is life like as a dog mom?

I organise my life around my dogs, they are my priorities! Early in the morning I walk them, then it is hug time then at the end of the afternoon it is our favourite time of the day as I teach him tricks and educate him.

Your photography is beautiful is Wapi a good model?

Yes it is thanks to Wapi that the pictures come out well because he is really photogenic!

Can you tell me about your facebook and Instagram accounts?

I created a page to share our adventures with people that have the same love and passion for animals as I have. Instagram is like a visual journal for me to keep track of his evolution :)

My dog is my best friend because....My dog is my best friend because he is always here for me, a dog does not judge us, they simply love us, he makes me smile everyday, he has already taught me so many things and there are so many more things to discover together! Every day he gives me confidence to face life and without him I wouldn't the person I am today!When I look a Wapi, I became under his spell. Dogs are definitely man's best friend!