Possibly our tiniest FriendshipCollar customer to date! We get the inside scoop on life with little Louie the chihuahua! 

How tiny is Louie? How much does he weigh and how much will he grow? He's so tiny we would also love to hear a little bit about what he needs help with on a daily basis!

Louie is about 1kg, well, I don’t think he can grow that much, though he likes to eat treats sooooo much! I have to pick him up to get on the couch; he still can’t climb the stairs also. But now, he can jump down the couch (though he’s always hesitating when he wanna jump down the couch, or the stairs).

What does he do first thing in the morning?

SHOUT! For food and for company, Louie LOVES to play.

Where's his usual spot when napping?

On my chest, on the couch beside me, on my belly, on his pillow inside his cage, or outside, and also on my lap.

What's his favorite snack?

Hmm… This one is quite tough. He loves treats! Whatever treats I give him, he’s always soooo eager to eat them.

Does he know any tricks yet?

Yes, he can sit, lay down, jump (or up on two feet), and stay. It was not that hard to teach him as he’s really smart!

How do you know if he wants to play with you?

He gets SUPER EXCITED, like standing up, jumping, and just keep running to me, running here and there and get back to me somehow.

What's his favorite past time?

NAP TIME. He sleeps a lot!

Any crazy moments so far?

Louie is really bubbly. He keeps running here and there, doing this that. Because of that, he always bumps into things a lot (like the hard part of the sofa, the legs of the chair, etc). Everytime he bumps into those things, he’ll shout so loud and run around the house even more. And well, I always run to him and give him a hug and calm him down like …”It’s ok baby, it’s ok…”

Another thing is, because he’s sooooo tiny, I only have one little outfit for him, which has a hood. What I did, I put the hood on his head once and it went over his eyes. He tried sooooo hard to shake the hood off, but at the same time, he was biting the hood, so it wouldn't come off. He kept moving in circle, and it was really really cute, and funny at the same time. I felt bad though, so I took the hood off for my lil babe.

Can you give us one trivia about him? Something we would never know!

He sleeps in many different unique positions, though it looks very very uncomfortable, he sleeps just fine. And even when I move him around (play with his paws, play with his nose, etc), he won’t wake up. If he does, he’ll just open his eyes a lil and go right back to sleep.

What has changed since Louie came into your life?

Looking at him makes me happy. My family also loves him so much and he kinda brings some extra joy and happiness in my family. The way he walks, the way he stares at me, the way he sleeps beside me, everything just seems so sweet, cute, and really nice. Only by being with him makes me happy. Ah and he kisses me too, which is really nice.

Finish this sentence Louie is my best friend because... he’s always there for me no matter what, and cheer me up when I’m down.