Erica & Honey

Star Rescue: Honey

Please follow Honey's Journey on Instagram @sweetlifeof_honeyHoney and her siblings were rescued from a hoarding case, in which the guy had 22 German Shepherds living in HORRIBLE living situations. When they were taken to the vet Honey was diagnosed with Sub-Aortic Stenosis. She was only given 6 months to live. Honey and her siblings went to a Rescue where they all went up for adoption except Honey. Honey was going to live her life at the rescue since she was terminally ill. The rescue didn't want to bare the heartache of adopting her to a family knowing her condition. On July 4th, Honeys 2 month birthday, two of the rescues volunteers decided to take Honey home and show her the best 4 months possible.

♡ Living Life

We didn't want Honey to live her life at the rescue so we took her home. We made a bucket list for her to ensure she had a "normal" puppy experience. So far Honey has gone to the beach, had a puppy photo shoot, trained with the NYPD K9 Unit, gone to a METS game where she even met a MET, helped raise bottle baby kittens, and even got a Secret Service K9 badge. There are a few small things left to do on a Honeys list! The one major thing left is sending her for training to become a service and/or therapy dog. We would love to be able to bring Honey to children's hospitals so she can show children that are also suffering that there is always hope.

Honey just celebrated her 6 month birthday on November 4th and has made great progress. Even though she has some complications (she's only 24 pounds), she has exceeded the doctors expectations. In December we will decide if Honey will undergo surgery. With a successful surgery, Honey will have a normal life. We started this journey with Honey to spread awareness and let others know that just because a puppy is terminal that doesn't mean they don't deserve a fair chance at life. By making Honey her own Instagram I hope to be able to have someone think twice when they walk past the ill dog in the shelter. I don't think Honey would still be here today if we didn't take her home and show her love.

Our heart breaks every day knowing Honey could leave us at any moment. Our hearts are also so full knowing how happy she is and the life we were able to give her.