Fashionable Friendships

The FriendshipCollar Family

We are so happy to be welcoming so many friends to our FriendshipCollar family.

The pictures of our models (and their owners) on our website are real friendships, the laughter and the love that you see in the pictures is not staged for show in a studio, it's very real. We love pups and kitty cats, animals of all shapes, sizes and breeds & their humans too.

Reading all of your beautiful comments under our pictures and seeing so many happy friendships fill up our Instagram feed we couldn't help but to want to share these with the world. Whether you have re-homed a stray kitten or your pooch has found their forever home. We wanted a way to show off your friendships.

We are living in a time where some dogs have more followers than people on Instagram, some cats even have their own book deals. Pups happily pose on photo-shoots, kitty cats have made the best dressed lists and the super stylish have even attended and had front row seats at fashion shows talk about being 'top dogs'! Some ‘Pampered Pooches’ won’t even get out of bed for less than 5 treats a day, and let's not forget the micro pigs who travel in style! Oink!

Everyone who has a pet understands that they are members of the family and more significantly, true best friends. The absolute endless love and crazy friendships that these relationships bring are cherished forever. We know that your pets really are your first loves, your fur-babies, your one and only's.

FriendshipCollar helps represents your past, present and future adventures together and we want to see the love and friendship that you share day in, day out with your pets.

A collar for your pet and a matching friendship bracelet just for you, because best friends should match.

Love & friendshipx