Jenna & Nacho


 Social Media Fame: Instagram: @nachodogg

The Story: Love at first sight? (Tell us when your bond started!)

Our bond started as soon as we met when Nacho was 10 weeks old.  We picked him up in Pennsylvania and had to drive all the way to Boston (5 hours) with him in my lap.  He was so tiny and such a good boy on the drive, I was immediately smitten.

Nickname: ‘Cho, Sweetface, Stinky, & Bunny

Breed: French bulldog

Colour of Fur: Fawn, but my mom calls me “Vanilla”

Describe your Dog in 3 words. Clown, Lovebug, Stubborn

Nacho’s Favourite trick? Fist Bump (When you make a fist and say “fist bump”, he stands up and bumps his snout against your hand”)

My Dog is the best because… of his personality!  His face is expressive, and you can tell what mood he is in by the funny sounds he makes (grunts, wines, funny barks, “frenchie talk”) and just looking at his face.  He loves to play and is so much fun to run around and throw a ball with.  He genuinely loves being around people, and steals the hearts of everyone he meets, mainly by showering them with kisses.

Tell us a quirky/Funny Story about Nacho? The reason we call Nacho a bunny sometimes is because he literally hops around just like one.  When he was little, he started doing it when he was playing, and now he still does it when he sees a dog he wants to play with.  If they don’t see him or want to play, he crouches down, and then hops around them like a bunny and barks until he gets their attention.

What’s the cutest thing your Dog does / has ever done? When Nacho is tired, he loves to snuggle.  He curls up into the smallest little ball and finds the warmest place to be.  He is a pro snuggler.

Nacho’s Main personality trait?

Nacho thinks he is a big dog who is the king of the house.  He isn’t afraid to play or rough house with big dogs at the dog park, even when they are 5x his size.

Nacho’s Favourite Hobby? Nacho has love for a few things: 1) Chewing on an antler after a long day  2) Going for walks on a crisp fall day, where he can smell the air and pee in everyone’s lawn 3) EATING (if you’d call that a hobby).  I am amazed that he isn’t extremely overweight by how much he can eat.  He loves pretty much everything, but his favourite’s are banana, melon, cheese, and yogurt.

Describe your Dog’s typical day: Nacho wakes the humans up by pawing their faces around 6am to tell them it’s time to go outside.  Then he snuggles up in his cozy cave (a cave-like bed he has) while the humans get ready for work.  He either goes to doggy daycare and plays with other pups or stays home and guards the house.  When the humans get home from work, he goes for a walk or to the dog park, and then hangs around begging for whatever the humans have for dinner.  He wraps up the day snuggling in front of the TV watching Animal Planet.

Finish this sentence. My Dog makes me smile when … I say certain words and he cocks his head to the side.  With his big round eyes and pointy bat ears, it makes him even cuter than he already is.