Freya & Katherine

♡ Length of friendship:

Almost 4 months

♡ Can you describe her personality in 3 words:

Playful, gracious, happy to please.

♡ How is she at home? What is her life like?

At home, she is my shadow. She goes wherever I go. She's nosey and has to know what's going on at all times. She's the only pup in the house, so naturally she's spoiled. She eats the best food, has so many toys, and a doggie bed in every room (although she prefers our bed or the couch with us)

♡ We adore your tongue-out pictures! You are super cute :) Do you enjoy being in front of the camera?

Of course, I do! Mom has been training me since she brought me home that the camera means treats and lots of love from mom!

♡ Do you go on adventures with your Mom or Dad?

Oh yes! My mom and dad love to go for walks in the bush and look for deer, wild asparagus, and other backwoods treats! I love going with her off leash. Outside is where my pawrents are happiest, and where I'm happiest too!

♡ If your dog could talk, what do you think she would say/ What would you ask her?

I'm sure she would repeatedly tell us how much she loves us. She has really bad separation anxiety, so I know when we're home, she's so happy. She doesn't like to be without us. I would ask her what happened with her previous owner that made her so afraid of being alone and so afraid of younger men. That way I could help her get over her fears!

♡ Does your bff know any tricks or have any funny habits?

She does! She sits pretty and it's so cute. Sometimes she does it without me asking too. She also sleeps on her back with her feet in the air, which is so funny.

♡ What made you want matching accessories?

I wanted matching accessories because that's what best friends do! I never imagined finding a pup as amazing as Freya. She truly is my best friend. We do everything together. And now because of FriendshipCollar, that means we can dress the same too!

♡ What is the best thing about having a pooch for a bestie?

The best thing about a pooch bestie is the never ending, genuine, unselfish love. It's such a pure thing. I'm her entire world, and she's mine.

♡ Freya makes me happy because......

She's my best friend! She helps me when I'm anxious or stressed. She's always there for me. And vice versa. Waking up to her, coming home to her... those are the highlights of my day. She's the perfect addition to our new family.