FriendshipCollar Does Summer Reading!

As the great Alice Cooper once sang, school’s (well, almost) out for summer! But we all know that doesn’t mean totally turning your back on keeping that mind sharp, right? That’s right, it’s time to bone up on your classics this season because it’s officially FriendshipCollar’s Summer Reading List! On it you’ll find some of our fave bestie-inspired books. Who wants to read about boring old humans all summer when you could hear tales of pups instead? We’d love for you to join us as we take this tail-waggin’ journey through literature and share with us pics of you and your bestie doing your summer reading for a chance to be featured in the blog and on our pages!



Starting the list off with a true tear-jerker, this heartstring-tugging classic tells the story of a young boy and Shiloh, the abused Beagle he rescues. It is a book that, despite its sadder backstory, gives us hope in the power of understanding and bestie-love!


Because of Winn Dixie

Besties helping heal bestie hearts 😭 When Opal, lonely and upset over her mother having left the family, finds a mangy, stray pup, they soon realize they entered each others’ lives for a reason.


The Incredible Journey

We know and love this classic as the movie, Homeward Bound, but the book is what started it all! When three beloved family besties are separated from their humans, they stop at nothing to track them down and the reunion is nothing short of incredible!


A Dog’s Life: The Autobiography of a Stray

Ann M. Martin will forever be beloved for giving us the Babysitters Club series, and her foray into writing from the perspective of a pup is no less amazing. Told in four parts, this novel tells the life story of Squirrel, an accidental stray, all the way through to her happy ending.


A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog Named Trixie

Better known for his thriller novels, Dean Koontz takes us on a touching journey with his own bestie, from the day Trixie joined his family, chronicling every sweet and funny moment, on through her life. A must for any bestie parent!


Will you be joining us for Summer Reading this year? Let us know what book you and your bestie plan on reading and don’t forget to show us you two in your FriendshipCollar best, curled up with a pawsome book!