Sea Besties

Happy start to the summer season! We’re so excited to lay out in the sun, have some fun in the sand, and wave hop in the water! Today we’re taking a look at some of our fave beach underwater besties – marine critters of all types because until we find a real life Mer-dog, these will do just fine!



Did you know there are 40 different species of Dolphins? They are, of course, well known for being smart and loving and basically the puppies of the ocean and even have layers of communication! There have been amazing stories of dolphins helping humans in danger and guiding them back to land! Seeing them playfully leap into the air will put a huge smile on your face!

Sea Lions

Az Animals

Dawww look at that puppy dog face! We swear that looks just like our own dogs begging for some human food. They eat around 5%-8% of their body weight in a single sitting (same, tbh) and can be over 10 feet long!

The Hammerhead Shark

National Geographic

These buds must be really helpful around the house, with that built-in tool box… They are actually very social besties, too! Despite the loner shark stereotype, these guys prefer to swim in schools, sometimes topping 100 sharks! Jaws x 100? Kind of makes us want to stay on dry land!

The Beluga Whale

Live Science

Something about that lil’ squishy face is just so friendly! It’s only family brother is the Narwhal and it communicates in a totes adorable high-pitched twittering sound.  Squeak squeak!

The Humpback Whale


One of the larger whales, these guys tend to be pretty docile around humans. Swimming with them is totally on our bucket list! They hum a complex, unique song to call to other whales to join them…which is just too sweet! Do you sing to your besties? Have you tried singing under water? (Honestly, our pooches probably hate to hear our voices, because let’s just say we’re not the next American Idol…)

The Tiger Shark


OK, we know he’s a predator, but that pic just looks so much like when Chandler could only awkwardly smile for his engagement pictures, so we love this guy! Tiger sharks have the widest range of prey and feeding choices of any shark, so just imagine them at a Golden Corral!

The Elephant Seal

National Park Service

Look at this little guy! He looks like part elephant, part seal. Which we suppose is how he got his apt name of an Elephant Seal!  What a little Snuffalopagus! (Yes, that’s a scientific name – trust us.) How sweet is that big ol’ nose/trunk? These earless babies were once hunted to near extinction in the 1800’s but thankfully have recovered as a species! They may not be the prettiest of the lot, but they sure look like they are having fun soaking up the summer rays beachside!

We just love ALL animals – land and sea. Have you ever seen one of these seafaring cuties? 🌊

Love & friendship x