FriendshipCollar Goes to PetCon in LA

Loki traveled several hours to attend a super fun event: PetCon! He brought his bestie, Samson, and their humans of course. 😏 Everyone got to stay in a super plush hotel, the Omni Hotel in LA! Loki and Samson felt veryyy fancy with their special treats. Loki met lots of dogs he follows on Instagram during the meet & greets at PetCon, and had tons of fun meeting other attendees and taking advantage of all the photo ops at the event!

After the long journey, the comfy beds in the room were exactly what Loki wanted to see! Of course they had to go take care of super important doggy business first, but that was easy with the provided doggy area. The Omni Hotel provided the pups with their very own trays of goodness, too! 


The pet amenities includes gourmet kabob dog chews, organic chicken bone broth, and delicious Milk Bones! 🍖 There was also a tennis ball for each pupper (no sharing needed!) and two rope toys! They each got two bowls, as well as some water bowls that were provided on the ground. 

Loki’s eyes got super big when his mom let him drink the broth straight from the bowl! Samson’s favorite thing was the rope toy…even though his mouth was so much bigger than the toy, he loved throwing it around!

PetCon Celebs

There were so many big names from the dog world of Instagram at PetCon! Loki got to take photos with a bunch of adorable dogs, including Reese from @HarlowandSage and @RemixtheDog! 

PetCon was crazy packed full of dogs and their humans. There were times it was hard to walk! Loki would follow his human very close to make sure they got through the crowds together. Samson had trouble going anywhere – everyone wanted to stop and pet him! He was definitely the biggest doggo at the party 😉

Do you recognize any of these furry faces?