Mariah & Brenner


♡ Tell us how you and Brenner became besties!

I got Brenner when he was 8 weeks old for a family in Iowa. He was I one of three left and I knew immediately he was the one. 

♡ What is your favorite thing to do together?

Swimming! 💦 Brenner and I love to swim and go to lakes or the beach. The day after I got him we took a big trip to a lake and where he learned to swim pretty quick.

♡ Is there anything else you can tell us about your bestie?

Brenner is a pretty chill dog, he has been since the start. So he’s been a great photography  partner. He also has no idea what the word stranger means, and he has more friends than I do.

♡ What is the naughtiest thing that Brenner has ever done?

Brenner’s baddest moment is what we refer to as The Great Plant Upheaval of 2016. Brenner was a few months old and was doing pretty good being left outside the crate during the day. It was mid January and I had a big potted rosebush inside. 🌹 It had a lot of wet black soil in it. Brenner decided to try his hand at repotting while I was at work. I came home to a huge pile of soil all over my white carpet and then muddy footprint throughout the whole apartment including the all over the bed. It took hours to clean up and I had to shampoo the carpets. He’s never done it since! What we learned from this experience is that Brenner will have months of good behavior, then the devil will just rise up from within. 😈😂

♡ Do you have any tips for dog moms in dressing up and getting their besties’ perfect pic?

Brenner is a very patient dog which is a huge plus for photographing him. I would suggest to anyone wanting to start photographing their dogs to teach them a good sit and stay. Also have lots of treats. Brenner doesn’t work for free! To get the best picture it all comes done to light. Bad lighting will ruin a cute photo. Photograph outside in open shade (shade from a building for a tree line), or keep them facing a large window with indirect light. 🥩 Food or squeaky toys are great motivators to get a dogs attention. 

♡ Where does Brenner sleep?

Mainly the bathroom, it has tile and is the coldest room in the house. He can be a bed hog sometimes too.

♡ Can you share a funny story about Brenner? 

The first time I ever had to leave Brenner for a business trip I left him with my mom. Brenner was a year old at this point and has never had an accident in the house. Seeking retribution for being abandoned (I can’t imagine why else) Brenner had immediately gone and peed in the middle of my mom’s bed. Something he’d never done before or after. I hadn’t even left town when I got the phone call. Suffice it to say, she never babysat again. 😜

♡ Can you finish this sentence: Life with Brenner is….

Life with Brenner is a joy!