FriendshipCollar Reps: Logan & Lilly

♡ Can you tell us a little about Lilly?

Lilly is a 4 and a half year old shih-tzu who is spoiled rotten and doesn’t realize that she isn’t human 😆

♡ What is it like having a dog as a best friend?

Lilly literally does everything with me. I mostly work from home, so she never leaves my side! She even travels with me, most of the time!

♡ What inspired you to sign up as a FriendshipCollar Rep?

I saw a FriendshipCollar ad on my social media and instantly knew that I HAD to get friendship bracelets for Lilly and myself and help spread the word about this fabulous company! 😍

♡ Does Lilly ever help you with running your business? 😉

Oh yes. Lilly is either in my lap, sitting on the sofa in my office, or sitting right under my desk at all times!!

♡ Is Lilly Mae Boutique named after your bestie?

Yes. I started my business two years ago and knew that I wanted to incorporate the name Lilly and the name Mae (after my late grandmother who passed away right before I launched my boutique) so I came up with Lilly Mae and really loved the sound of it and the special meaning that it has!

♡ What is the funniest thing she has ever done?

She is extremely spoiled. My husband and I have no children and no other dogs, so she doesn’t understand the concept of sharing. However, we do have an outdoor cat. When we let our cat inside to play, Lilly instantly starts to inch toward her toy basket and won’t let our poor kitty play with any of her toys or bones!

♡ Which FriendshipCollar’s are on Lilly’s wishlist?

Mermaid Tails & Scaled Back! 🧜‍♀️

♡ Where’s your dog’s favourite place to go?

She loves to spend time on our patio and also loves to travel to my mom and dad’s house, where they have an inside dog. She loves to play with him… as long as he doesn’t come anywhere near her toys! 🤣

♡ What are your top tips for being the best dog mom?

I always take time to just stop what I’m doing and get in the floor to play with her. She is definitely a lap dog, but it is fun to implement a game of fetch rather than just cuddles all of the time.

♡ What does your BFF do that always makes you smile?

She will just go sit next to the basket where she knows that I keep her treats and will look at me until I give her a treat. She also stands on her back legs and puts her front paws together like she is begging me to pick her up 🐾

♡ Can you share a favorite story about Lilly?

Lilly was actually used in our proposal. We got her in January of 2015 and my husband proposed the very next month. He had a little shirt made for Lilly that read “Will you marry daddy?” And attached a big diamond ring to her collar with ribbon! 💍 It was so sweet and special to have her be a part of it all!