Gabby & Kylie

Besties: Gabby & Kylie

♡ How old is Kylie?

Kylie will be 8 years old in May!

♡ What is life like being so cute!

Every time we go on a walk, we have multiple people stop us and ask to pet her! She's pretty shy, but enjoys the attention. She's also a great model with how cute she is ❤️

♡ Can you tell us a bit about your friendship?

I got Kylie when she was 7 weeks old, and right away we clicked. She's my running buddy, my flying buddy, my boat buddy, my everything buddy! She's happy as long as I'm around and the same goes for me.

♡ We LOVE that you had a photoshoot with Kylie in for your engagement! Can you tell us more about this?

I want to include Kylie in everything I can, because she's always been there for me! We had her in a few pictures and then my friend came and grabbed her. She was a little difficult during the pictures she wasn't in, because she wanted to be next to us! She will also be in the wedding!

♡ What is the sweetest thing your pooch has ever done?

So I went with a friend who was getting a puppy, and I had no intention of getting one myself. The woman who had the puppies told us that she was the shy one out of the litter and kept her distance from strangers, so we were playing with the rest of the litter. Kylie took some time but then came up to me and put her paws on my lap when I was sitting on the ground. She looked up at me with her big one blue and one brown eyes and I knew I wasn't leaving alone either.

♡ Does Kylie join you at work? What do you do at the weekends together?

I wish she could come to work with me! I take her everywhere that I am allowed to, and try to bring her everywhere I'm not allowed to as well. We spend our weekends going on walks, relaxing, and playing with her hundreds of toys haha - if we can make it to a dog friendly beach, she would pick that every weekend though.

♡ Can you tell us any secrets about Kylie :)

Kylie thinks she's the size of her 90lb Rottweiler brother...she runs and barks at all the big dogs, but when they turn around to play with her, she realizes her actual size and runs away.

♡ What's the cheekiest, silliest, sweetest thing your pooch does/has ever done?

She wakes me up every morning by laying on my face and grunting. It's pretty funny!

♡ Can you tell us what FriendshipCollar means to you?

I loved friendship bracelets growing up, and always felt strongly about the meaning behind them. Being able to share one with my sweet furry best friend was so special to me!

The best thing about having Kylie by my side is... Always having someone who is excited to see me when I get home! My fiancé and I are long distance right now, which has been hard, but having her wagging tail and happy grunting greet me at the door makes coming home so enjoyable! She makes the hard days much easier!

Kylie is my BFF because... She's always happy to see me and always on a quest to make me as happy as she is...and it always works ❤️

Photo by: Grace Brown Photography